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The opposition of the Catholic Church to gay marriage

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte       

 It’s a common knowledge that the Catholic Church is not fond of the idea of gay people marrying. But in a poll by Pew Research, that said that 60 percent of American Catholics are in favor of marriage equality. And the pope, pope Francis said ‘who am I to judge’ gay people’. But why is the catholic doctrine opposed to the idea of gay marriage.
Of course, we all know that the bible is against gay marriage or gay sex in that manner. But Catholics take a more moderate position in the issue of gayness, specially American Catholics, look at the survey at the beginning of this piece. For most catholic folks, people don’t choose to be gay. 
According to Catholic doctrine, sex is a reserve ritual that two people who are married do, to pro create. In short sex is only for having babies. But we all know, that having sex is not only for two people to have children. Sex is also for the bond and intimacy. 
In the logic of the Catholic Church gay people can’t get married because they cannot have kids of their own. In the mind of people who are opposed to gay marriage It is okey to be gay but you need to practice celibacy.

There are a lot of problems with that argument, for example women who for what ever reason cannot be pregnant. And people, older people, post menopause women cannot have children. The Catholic Church has no problem officiating weddings for women who are post menopause and for women who cannot get pregnant. They have a big problem officiating weddings with gay men and lesbians.

 marriage is not only about having sex. It is also the bond that two people hold. There are certain rights and responsibilities under the law that are attach to marriage. Finally, the Catholic Church should respect the decision of a country to have gay marriages. 

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Religious freedom: America and religion 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte 
       In the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution that states the country should be neutral on the issue of religion. That President Tomas Jefferson confirms, in a letter to a Baptist church in Connecticut. But this is not implemented as well as I wanted to. In seven different states there are laws in the books that said that atheist, cannot run for office. Though it is not enforceable because of the fourteenth amendment, supremacy clause. 


      Seventy six percent of America are Christians. All of American presidents are Christian. They are not persecuted in the country. How can people like, Pat Robertson say that American Christians is under attack. Christians is not under attack. People like Pat Robertson are attacking minority groups, like gays and racial minorities.
        America is the riches religious country in the world. Religion brings war and terrorism, Like what happened in the civil war. were in white people in the South said that their religious freedom states that we can keep our slaves. It took the civil war to change law. The bible backs slavery and segregation and the hating of gay people.

     It’s in the best interest of America to be secular. And not to have a state religion. Because there are many people who are not Christians, some people are Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish and some people are non religious, and the country should respect that. By having a state sanctioned religion, the government will be able to crack down on other secs, that they do not agree upon.

    Lastly, the United States government is not a church, it is a secular institution, they should make no law protecting a religious sec. And all laws should be secular. For example In the issue of gay marriage, If a church do not want to marry someone who is gay because of religious reasons, they don’t need to, but the country should protect gay marriages. 

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What’s up with Donald Trump and anchor babies

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
 In a recent interview with CNN host Chris Cuomo, Donald Trump angered liberals and progressives, when he said that All undocumented immigrants and their American citizen kids should be kick out of the United States. Wow, he is out of touch with the grater public. Republicans have no idea who they wanted as president, he is this racist, ignorant and bigoted person.  
America is a country always replenish by immigrants. Immigrants like Donald Trump’s patronal grandparents. White people came and went to the United States thru Ellis island during the potato famine of the 1840’s Until World War II in the 1940’s. He clearly does not know history. Because Americas immigrants are not predominately white, he and other people are fearful and uncertain of Americas future. Thats why they are acting like that.   
What is an anchor baby? An anchor baby is a child that is born to immigrant parents. Born in the U.S. they are automatically citizens of the Country. The term is offensive though, because of the fact that the parents of those people who are born in the Country will wait decades to be given citizenship.

The constitution states in the fourteenth amendment section one that all citizens that is born in the United States is automatically citizen of the country and states that which they reside on. It will be nearly Impossible to amended the constitution. And need to have a constitutional convention you will need 2/3 votes of both House of Representatives and the senate and then. 3/4 of the states . (judging by how the U.S. Politics is now and how partisan it is. It will be a miracle)
Lastly, people should vote wisely, because people’s rights are so much at risk because of your vote. Don’t let a person like Donald Trump win the elections. I have nothing against the guy but judging by what he is saying. He is not a states man, how can you let him run, America.   

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The effects of the AIDS epedimic in the gay community 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte
      The 1970’s brings a lot of visibility on mainstream media of gay people. There have been a sort of acceptance of the gay community in some liberal parts of the country specifically in San Francisco. Were they elected Harvey Milk as the first openly gay state supervisor. But by the 1980’s the climate had shifted from this hippy gay lifestyle to a more somber tone where people were dying because of a mysterious disease, called AIDS. 

       Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease cause by the virus Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. HIV is transmitted by having sexual inter course without a protection, And by injecting infected needles, Or by blood transfusion. It is a dormant disease that can stay that way in healthy individuals for years.or even a decade. That is the reason why it’s spread. 

     AIDS killed millions during its pick in the 1980’s. It thought the LGBT community protection. And at the time of being some gay men are advocating for something very radical: MARRIAGE. The right to marry for gay men and lesbians was not receive right by the Biggest LGBT groups. 

    The truth of the matter is that marriage is extremely important for gay people because of the rights that constitute. Gay people have no right with bodies of their partners after their partners died. They don’t have the right to the estate of the diseased partners. They can also get kick out by the families from homes or hospitals.

    Lastly, AIDS showed America about their sons and daughters that they rejected before. Gay people are human beings and they have rights too. 

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The intersectionality of Loving vs Virginia and Obergafell vs Hodges  

Joachim Tenedora-Forte    
      Did you know that in the recent marriage equality case (Obergafell vs Hodges) there have been multiple mentions of the Loving case. But why? Why do they invoke the Loving’s in to gay marriage cases. The answer is the two cases is about Love and marriage, the love that people have for their chosen spouse. 

        When we say intersectionality we mean the connection between different circumstances that intertwined. The binding force between this two cases is marriage rights. The right of people to live together in dignity. That right for same sex couples and for interracial couples are not always granted because of traditions.

          Marriage should be a legal contract between two consenting adults, regardless of its race, sex or sexual orientation. To form a marital union you need to have LOVE. In both the Loving case and Obergafell case love is involved. The love that Mr. and Mrs. Loving have for each other is reasonable, same as the love between Jim Obergafell and his deceased spouse John Arthur. 

         When you love another person you will fight for that love even in court. Like the Loving’s, Jim Obergafell’s love for John Arthur is unconditional and exceeded pass John’s death. That unconditional love at least in justice Anthony Kennedy’s eyes is a fundamental human right.

      Lastly, I want to eco justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in Obergafell vs Hodges. Marriage is about love, fidelity and family and that by fourteen states denying the right of marriage on the basis of sexual orientation is a violation of the fourteenth amendment; the equal protection and due process clause. It should not be denied. 

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My favorite U.S. Supreme Court case: Loving v. Virginia 

Joachim Tenedora-Forte 

        Why is it that if there is something different or weird Americans want to ban it to the point of no return. Even though they have nothing to do with it. America prides themselves as the pellets of liberty but in reality they are not. Liberty means freedom, freedom means less regulation especially in people’s private lives. In today’s article I want to write about my favorite Supreme Court case, no it’s not the recent ruling on marriage equality but the first marriage case Loving vs Virginia 1967.

    Richard and Mildred Loving are childhood sweethearts who wanted to get married in their home state of Virginia. But there’s a big problem. They are mixed race. Richard is white and Mildred is black. In southern states there are laws that ban interracial marriages. The reasons why interracial marriage is ban, was absurd to say the least. 

    The Loving’s went to Washington DC to obtain a marriage license. When they went back home, the police come knocking at their door. It is illegal what they have done. Richard and Mildred were in jail for one year. Until they were let go. They were proclaim persona non grata by their home state, Virginia. They were outrage that they can’t even visit family together. 

      The Loving’s sued the state of Virginia to the fourteenth amendment of the United States constitution. In the equal protection clause. But the Loving’s lose at the circuit court, the judge in his decision said that God created the races separate (absurd right?), and that people shouldn’t marry interracially. 

       The Loving’s case went to the Supreme Court, unable to come to the hearings, Richard Loving convey to the court thru his lawyer Bernard Cohen the following words: “Mr Cohen tell the court I just love my wife and I can’t wait to live with her in Virginia”. In a unanimous decision the U.S. Supreme Court in the grounds of equal protection and due process decided that all anti miscegenation laws is unconstitutional. Protecting the right to interracial marriage.

         The fact that the decision came only 45 years ago tells something about how America views racism. My favorite Supreme Court ruling, they got this so right, 9-0 favor the right to interracial marriage. It breaks my heart why Richard and Mildred Loving need to go thru that. 




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Windsor vs United States 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte
   An unjust law is no law at ALL, dr Martin Luther King Jr said in his letter to the clergymen of Birmingham quoting the catholic monk St. Augustine. Thru out American history there have been laws on the books that is unjust and one of those laws is the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA: specially section 3 which deals with taxes and immigration. In this article I want to talk about the first major marriage equality case in the Supreme Court: Windsor vs United States.

    Edith Windsor and her spouse Thea Spyre were both professionals. Edith was a computer programmer and Thea was a psychologist. They met in New York’s Greenwich village. Back then they were in hiding because they were no protection for the LGBT community. And if found out you can be in prison just for being a homosexual. In 1967 they were engage to be married.

      In the late 1970s Thea was diagnose with Multiple Sclerosis a progressive disease where in the person will have a luck of movement in the limbs. Progressing slowly, the couple did not even thought about making their engagement real but by 2007 Thea’s condition worsened. the doctors gave her one year to live. Also in 2007 is there 40 years of being engaged. Because New York has not yet allowed gay marriage, they went to Canada to get married

         In 2009 Thea Spyre died due to the complications of Multiple sclerosis. She left her estate to her spouse Edith. But there is a big problem according to the Defense of Marriage Act the two were just friends under the law. The forty years together is nothing. Edith needed to pay 300 thousand dollars in taxes, that she will not pay if her spouse is a man. So she sued the federal government in the grounds of equal protection. The case reaches the Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 decision federal right of marriage is granted.

    The case change my position in marriage equality. Because growing up i didn’t supported the idea of gay marriage but today I fully support gay marriage because of this case. Marriage is a human rights issue. There are plenty of rights that marriage holds. Sorry, religious folks to young people marriage is just a piece of paper that two people sign on to make their love real.

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Gay parenting: the Jay and Bryan Leffew story….

Joachim Tenedora-Forte 
        In a recent study done in the university of Oregon that said that children who are raised in a gay household is no less secured and loved than kids who are living with a traditional household. This study is a consolidation of decades long studies on the ‘modern family. In today’s article I want you to meet a wonderful and beautiful real life ‘modern’ family, from Northern California, the Leffew’s, Jay and Bryan and their two beautiful kids Daniel 15 and Selina 10.

     When I first watch Jay and Bryan’s YouTube Channel, (Gay Family Values) I am not sure what to think of them and their family. But now I know that this family is like any other family in America, they eat out, they play and most importantly they love each other. I know I can’t convince conservatives who are set in their believes in what a family should look like. But I am here to tell you that their family is as nice of a family as a traditional family is.
    In the mid 1990s Jay Foxworthy is a San Francisco police officer who met his spouse Bryan Leffew thru a mutual friend. The two began dating months later. In the mid 2000s they decided to began the adoption process. They were so open about the fact that they wanted kids, no matter whether or not they have a disability or the race of the kids. 
        When they met their future kids Daniel who has some medical issues due to his mothers drug use while he is in the womb. And his younger sister Selina, Bryan was a little weary of Daniel because he have some major issues. But Jay felt something special, that they are their kids. But before they adopted Daniel and Selina they needed to be foster parents first. Six months later they finalize the adoption. 
       They rush to marry as soon as they can in 2008. The same year they started their activism because of Proposition 8 in California where the voters stop marriage equality. The Leffew’s posted YouTube videos almost every week during this time. They posted videos of how normal and happy their family is. They created Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving videos. Everyday stuff like tying Selina’s hair and the first day of schools, changing hearts and minds in the process.


   Before I know them I am not for gay parenting because I thought it’s unnatural. But now thanks to the internet, the Leffew’s change my minds about the importance of marriage equality and gay families. I want to thank Jay and Bryan for letting me write about them in my blog it’s so much a pleasure.

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Racism in America: the Japanese interment camps 

      During World War 2, where in Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich is slaughtering Jews in Germany, Holland and Poland. In America something sad was happening. The Japanese interment camps where in Japanese Americans where put after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in December 7 1942. America was devastated and fearful; of its own citizens. In today’s article let us look back on the Japanese interment camps in Korematzu Vs United States.  
    Fred Korematzu was born in Oakland California in 1919 to two Japanese parents who immigrated in 1905, making him a natural born citizen of the United States. He studied in Oakland and work in the family business. As far as he is concern he is an American.   

     The bombing of Pearl Harbor made America join the War. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sign an executive order; Executive Order 9066 which authorize the use of force in containment of Japanese Americans with out further notice. Korematzu was not happy with the executive order and hid from the government. And unfortunately was found and put in a interment camp.

     Korematzu sued the United States to the fifth amendment of the constitution, the due process claus. But lost, he lose partly because of the government tampering with the evidences. Also America is so fearful of the Empire of Japan. In 1983 it was discovered that the U.S. Government hid evidence, the case was overturn by a circuit court in California.

    For me Fred Korematzu is a hero because he challenged the government in war times. America is so wrong in the First place by doing essentially what the Nazi was doing in Germany. They often talk about liberty and justice when it comes to other countries. I wish America never did the Japanese interment camps.

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A Parent guide to coming out

Joachim Tenedora-Forte 
      If you suspect your son or daughter is gay, don’t freak out. If you see a pattern of behavior that will tell you that they are gay. If they told you that he or she is gay don’t try to cure them. I know it’s hard, you should first see your kids as they are. They are your kids and that’s what matters. People may judge them but you shouldn’t. You should give a listening ear. Here are three guidelines.that will help when they or if they come out
Don’t morn your child, morn the person you know.

 it is okey to morn the person they you expect your kid is. The family, the spouse, the kids. I know it’s tough They are basically is lying to you, You need to hear them out. Even if you don’t understand. Remember that this are your kids and you don’t want your kids to harm themselves.

Your kids can have kids of their own

This is one of those things, that is hard for parents to swallow. Because they want to be grandparents. But there are some ways that they can pull this off. There is adoption and invitro fertilization. 

Being gay is not a phase.

People need to get over the phase argument. We don’t say to our straight kids that, it is just a phase, right? Sexuality is a spectrum. They are people who are 100 percent gay or straight or vise versa.

     Lastly, I often say this, just expect the first two years of life. Because If you have a vision for your kids or what your kids are. Your probably will be disappointed. If they turn out not the way you expect. It creates a big problem. Just love your kids and your kids will love themselves in return.

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