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Special: Pope Francis supports Kim Davis?

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

September 30, 2015
In his visit to America last week, the leader of one billion Catholics in the world, the Pope, Pope Francis. Spoke to congress he talked about climate change, helping the poor, abortion among other things. He also talked about Immigration (he said that he is a son of immigrants). and the Syrian Refugee crisis. There is one thing that got in my skin that the pope said, this is about Kim Davis the county clerk from Kentucky, who refused to give out marriage licenses to gay people.

I agree with the pope on so many issues like climate change, immigration, the Syrian Refugee crisis and helping the poor, abortion (to a certain point), and him being an example of what a good person is. But what he said about marriage especially the Kim Davis controversy, got in my skin.

Kim Davis a Kentucky county clerk who refused to give out marriage licenses to gay people. It is illegal what she did, because she is a representative of the state of Kentucky. Kentucky is a state of the United States. Federal law trumps your religious freedom. So she should obey the law of the land, that simple. 

The Pope when ask by a reporter on the way back to the Vatican said that people like Mrs. Davis have a right to refuse gay people marriage licenses. No, he is flat out wrong, what the pope should have said is this, I may not agree or she might not agree, with the state but the Supreme Court already decided on the issue, she should obey by what the law is. That is a more diplomatic response. 

Lastly, the progressives should remember that Pope Francis is the leader of a church. And being the leader of the Catholic Church he needed to obey by the church orders. Finally, I as a Catholic, want to like Pope Francis, If stuff like this keeps on happening I can’t like him as enthusiastically as I probably can.

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LGBT Monday: Shep689, the Will Shepherd and RJ Aguiar story

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

September 28, 2015

There are people from time to time that will change your perspective on life, more than you expected. I know they do not know who I am, but I know them, and they rock. YouTube stars Will and RJ from the Channel shep689, I love this guys so much, that they change how I felt about LGBT issues, I feel good defending the rights of gay people because of them.


Growing up in rural Florida, William Ross Shepherd was a smart kid, who did not fit the mold of a country boy. He loves reading books and playing video games. He was being violently bullied by classmates and schoolmates, coming home to a father that did not understood him. Will kept to himself and study harder and graduated third on his class. Coming out as gay to people at the aged of 14, the bullying stopped instantly.

Will’s fiancé Ricardo Aguiar Jr or RJ, was born in Tampa Florida, a son of two Cuban immigrants, RJ learn to speak a mixture of English and Spanish. He was also bullied as a young boy because he wore thick glasses and he also have a sensory processing disorder. 

Will and RJ met while volunteering at the LGBT student group on campus at Florida State University (FSU). There was a big problem RJ identified as straight, but is a bisexual man. 

They began seeing each other, the same time as they are first seeing each other. Will was starting up his YouTube channel, (shep689.) where he posted some videos from time to time. By January 2012 they started posting daily videos. They only intended to do the vlogs for one month. They also thought that it will kill their channel. Boy were they wrong, they shared intimate parts of their relationship, their engagement, them moving to Los Angeles and their mental health struggles. Will has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.) due to the bullying that he encountered growing up. 

Their life challenges like when RJ was arrested. On February 15, 2014 while partying their friends headlock Will, Will reacted by fighting back, RJ joined the fight and RJ was arrested. As a result of the incident, it prompted Will to stop drinking alcohol. They push back like a good couple does. 

 Finally, Will and RJ are my inspiration because they set a good example on young people who have mental health issues. I love them so much and can not wait that they get married on May of the next year. I hope them the best, thru the next chapter of their life’s.

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Special: Reacting to what pope Francis said on marriage and the family

Joaquin Tenedora-ForteSeptember 25, 2015
I was watching the pope, he gave a speech at the White House yesterday morning, he touched an issue that in my opinion he should not touch while in America (where in 60% of Catholics are in favor of marriage equality. He in essence said that we need to protect the marriage and the family. I was obviously upset, here is my reaction on what he said.

First of all, I want to say that the pope said very good things on immigration, climate change economics, specially capitalism and religious freedom which I agree with him on what he said. Pope Francis in the issue of marriage equality though said that people should upheld the institution of marriage and the family. And for some one who supports LGBT rights, I am really pleased off.

The Pope should watch YouTube videos of gay vloggers, Depfox (gay family values) which is two gay fathers Jay and Bryan and their two adopted kids, Daniel and Selina. Or shep689 Will and RJ, two young men doing their best two stay positive through the ups and downs of life. Nothing could change people’s minds than seeing gay people in action. And seeing how normal, happy and boring the gay lifestyle is.

Gay people unlike some straight people who is not ready to have kids, gay people obviously do not have necessary parts to have kids they should plan everything first to adopt or to have surrogacy, so they love their kids, beyond belief. Plus the pope brush aside that traditional marriage according to the bible is polygamy, one man many wives, is the pope in favor of that, obviously not.


 Jesus teaches the importance of love and loving thy neighbors, understanding our differences. Finally, we are all gods children, and we should love respect and accept diversity.

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Racism Wednesday; Isalamaphobia in America

Joaquin Tenedora Forte

September 23, 2015

In recent news, a 14 year old boy in Texas, named Ahmed Mohammed was arested in school, for bringing what his teachers thought was a time bomb, but it is a simple clock. The problem is Ahmed is a black Muslim American, he was put in jail for 14 hours until his parents came and get him. After he was released support for Ahmed pored in.

 Two days after the CNN Republican debates, presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that Muslims should not run for president. Angering many progressives and liberals in the process, who are saying he should drop his bid for the White House. And at a Donald Trump rally a man told Trump, that president Obama “isn’t an American and probably is a Muslim”. It keep me wondering about the state of Isalamaphobia in America. 

The problem is America was attacked in the attacks on September 11, 2001, by Al Quida, a fundamentalist Muslim group. Naturally America was frightened, the government began spying on its Muslim population. People are fearful, fearful of its own brothers and sisters. America never thought about people, people who are Americans citizens. The September 11 attacks change America forever.

After the attacks on 9-11, there have been a surge in violence towards Arab Americams. Edward Snowden a former employee of the national security agency who leacks to journalist Glen Greenworld about the agency spying on people’s phone conversations, that most of the people that they spyed on are Arab Americans, Arab American who are not not even contented a terrorist group.

America should be not a simpleton, it does not that people who attack the country, all Muslims are not like that. The perfect example is Ahmed Mohammed, Ahmed a 14 year boy, he is no terrorist. Lastly, to the people who is saying that Obama is not a Christian, yes he is a Christinan and his father is an athirst. 

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LGBT Monday: We puts gender on things

Source: LGBT Monday: We puts gender on things

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LGBT Monday: We put gender on things

Joaquin Tenedora Forte  

September 21, 2015
At twelve weeks of gestation a woman will be told if her child is a boy or a girl base of the Anatomical features. It will be a joyful event with room decorations, including painting a room to suits the child’s perceive gender, blue for a boy and pink for a girl, buying clothing and toys, trucks and cars for boys and dolls and stuff animals for girls.

 Your gender and your sex are two different things, sex is who are you biologically, base on your anatomical parts. females have Vaginas and males have penises, intersex which is sex is not clear, Gender on the other hand is how you identify as. You can be cisgender, transgender, gender non conforming, gender queer, agender, in short gender is a spectrum.

Gender expression is a way to express your sex, base on the society norms. Back in the 1920’s to the 1950’s a woman could not wear pants or shorts because pants and shorts are deem to be manly. Today, girls can wear shorts and pants. For men it’s a different story, for man they can’t experiment with their gender, there is no fluidity, experimenting with their gender is deem to be gay.

As one of the biggest retailers in the United States, Target removes it’s gendered section in toys, to promote gender equality for girls and boys alike. The move is a move in the right direction, because girls are often shame for playing toys that deem to be for boys and visa versa..

Lastly, gender expression is all made up by society, kids should not be shame for not conforming to their biological sex. People need to think outside of the box. Finally, things including toys, books, jobs and clothes have no gender, human beings just gendered them.

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U.S. Constitution Friday: What constitutes freedom of speech

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
 Is there a right that is more American than freedom of speech. This is one of those rights written as an amendment to the constitution, this is what makes America great. In most countries freedom to say what you want it, and when you want to say is sadly not always granted. But what are the rules regarding free speech? What if there is a war, what if you disagree with the government and the law.

 You are intitled to you’re own opinion, you are not intitled to your own facts. This encapsulate what freedom of speech is all about. You can say what ever you want to say, whether it’s true or not, like what Donald Trump said, that president Obama is not a natural born U.S citizen, Because this is not true, in fact Obama is born in Hawaii, Hawaii is a state of the United States, making him a natural born U.S citizen.  

 In other countries like France, if what you said is wrong or factually incorrect or hurtful, You can be charged with libel, a civil offense. Like what happen in the wake of the attack on the cetitrical magazine Charlie Hebdo, where in Fox News said that there are a lot of ‘no go zones’ in Paris. The mayor of Paris threaten to sue Fox News for libel but back down.   

So what the is exemption to free speech in America, one is when in time of war, usually your habas corpus will be gone for the time being. Or when you are inanimate of danger to others, for example, you shouted bomb at an airport or at any public space, you should be arested. 

        Lastly, even though we have a right to say what is on our mind that does not mean that we need to. A little bit of decentcy will come a long way. Finally I want to repeat what I said earlier, you may be intitled to your own opinion you are not intitled to your own facts. 

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Racism Wednesday: The #BlackLivesMatter movement

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri last year brings a lot of anger to the black community. There are some rioting, looting and arresting. The protesters are shouting “hands up, don’t shoot.” Many protestors are peaceful, some are not. The most prominent group is the #BlackLivesMatter movememt.

Black Lives Matter is a mostly online organization, that sparked after the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, Martin an unarmed 17 year old who was killed by George Zimmerman a subdivision security guard, and later was aquitted. And garner more popularity during the deaths of Michael Brown, 18 (an unarmed African American teenager who was shot by a police officer for marijuana possession) and Eric Garner, 43 (who was chokehold to death by a police officer for selling cigarettes in New York with out a permit.) The police officer in Both cases are not charged.

For conservatives, like Bill O’Rilly of Fox News the movement is a terrorist organization and a hate group, who is coming to get them, i.e white people. For progressives the movement is necessary for the advancement of race relations in the country. The truth is the movement is a movement for equality and equal rights for all.

I need to address what happened to Bernie Sanders in a protest rally in August of this year. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that will help the #BlackLivesMatter movement in America. Sanders a true progressive he will be able to keep the policies that the movement want and needed. 

Lastly, the black community in America, is an oppress minority, that is the truth about them. People especially conservatives need to understand the fact that people are dying because of police brutality in America and most of them are young blackman.  

Photos curtecy of Google photos  

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LGBT Monday: Kim Davis is no Martin Luther King jr. She is more like Bull Conner 

 Joaquin Tenedora Forte
If you follow the news this days, especially LGBT news blogs, you will recognize Kim Davis. Kim Davis is this woman who do not want to give out marrage licenses to all couples, not just LGBT couples in Kentucky because of her religious beliefs. Mind you she is married and divorced three different times. I would not mind the most hipocritical things about her and her life.

On June 26 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States in the grounds of the 14th Amendment. equal protection and due process clause: decided that the right to same sex marriage should not be denied. On June 29, Monday, the problems began when people like Kim Davis denied marriage licenses to people of the same gender because of their religious beliefs.

The problem is that it is illegal what she is doing because she is a representative of the state. The law of the land states that Marriage is a fondimental Hunan right. And even if she have a right to her own religious beliefs according to the first amendment religious freedom clause she need to put her beliefs in her sleeves. If She do not want to give out same sex marriage licenses, she should resign herself. She is violating the court order. It’s just right that she was jailed.
After she got out of jail, Presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee join Kim Davis on stage protesting her sentence, comparing her to all sorts of activist and president Abraham Lincoln, Rossa Parks and the great Martin Luther King jr. I believe the absurdity of governor Huckabee here, he is really dumb.

Lastly, I want to say this Kim Davis wants to be remembered as a civil rights hero. But she will not be, the trend is moving towards a liberal outcome. Finally Kim Davis is not Martin Luther King jr. She is more like Bull Conner (the governor who blocked the door of an elementary school during desegregation.)

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Me: refecting the  on 9/11 attacks

Joaquin Tenedora Forte 
There are some things that you will never forget, some events you wish you can forget. For baby boomers, it is the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. For music lovers and musicians alike, it is the deaths of Elvis Presley, John Lennon or Michael Jackson. For most of the people who are at least 19 years old, we will never forget what happen in the morning of September 11, 2001. What happen on this day will changed the world forever.

I was 8 years old and in 2nd grade, and we just don’t watch any news that day because we are watching some cartoons and the Internet  is not as advanced as today. The next day came and we are watching CNN and my Dad, who is in the bedroom called my mom in the kitchen they watch, and said wow, look at this, wow. I was a kid so did not know what they are talking about. A week later, my little sister and I are playing Lego. And said to her I will be building 2 buildings, and you uild an airplane. “To simulate what happened in New York”. ( it is totally Inappropriate, but we were young. 

This is one of those things that change you, I remember 2 years later when the Iraq war was announced, I remember feeling, that we have someone to blame. President George w. Bush basically lied to the whole world and frame it as the Iraqis did 9/11. As we all know, that is not the case. Bin laden who is the mastermind of the attacks in New York. And not Sadam Hussien.

The young kids today, have no idea what happened that day they will just read it on history books. They should see the films. But for a majority of the world who have witness this horrible day. It’s very sad, to see it and it’s aftermath. 

Lastly, to the families of the people who died that day, I know that you are still reeling from the loss of your family member, and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers this day and beyond. And to the First Responders who risk their lives to save other people, THANK YOU GUYS so much.

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