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Vication: will be back on November 2, 2015

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Special: My thoughts on the death penalty, in a letter to Republicans 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

 October 28, 2015

To all Republicans: 



Hi, my name is Joaquin, I am 22 years old. I am currently studying Bachelor of Arts, majoring in media studies, so I watch the news all the time. I would not lie to you I am very disappointed on how you tackle the issue of the death penalty. I thought that you are pro life, why do you still have the death penalty in place. Is that what Jesus teaches.

In the constitution the eighth amendment states cruel and unusual punishment Should not be inflected. Is it cruel that people need to suffer for an agonizing hour before they eventually die. It is unusual that America is the only modern country on earth that still has the death penalty. Is that what God wants.

You should be consistent, if you are pro life, you should be opposed to the death penalty. You are mostly Christian and your politics is base on the “Christian faith”. What Jesus said is not what you do. Are you only for Christian teachings if it’s convenient on your part.

What if I tell you that not all people in death row are guilty. You don’t know whether or they are guilty. In fact eight percent of the total inmate population may not be in the crime scene at all. What will you tell the families of people who have died because of wrongful convictions. Do you really think that they did wrongful action if they did not.

Criminal justice system is not a perfect science so you should be very careful on convicting people. You are ruining their lives. Please do reply.

Your good friend,

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

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Op-Ed: The Nature of Homosexuality 

Joaquin Tenedora-ForteOctober 27, 2015

There are no more controversial topics than the issue of the nature of homosexuality. But one thing is for certain sexuality is innate and natural, shutting down the idea by the psychologist Freud, that the sexuality is caused by nurture, the idea that gay men grow up having overbearing mothers and distant fathers, is absurd now to say the least. 

No more than eight to ten percent of the population are gay, such a small number that since gay people do not bare their own children (until recently), research shows that gay people exist cross culturally, no matter what race or class. In this Article i will be talking about gay males. in my article next week I will be looking on what makes lesbians.

The more older brothers the boy have the more likelihood that he will be homosexual or bisexual. According to Michael Bailey an American psychology professor. It’s a big contrast on how people perceive that issue, in the past they thought that being gay is cause by playing with girls, more prominently the Sisters. When a mother have a son her body is allergic to the XY chromosome, and when she have multiple sons her body becomes much more relaxed therefore giving birth to a much feminine son. 

There is one study about on epigenetics that states homosexuality is cause by a Genetic mutation that makes people to be gay. For example, a person has a sibling or cousin that is gay and then have a son who is not gay there for his grandson have a much bigger likelihood to be gay. There for being gay is innate.

One study on identical twins shows if one twin is gay the other one have a 75 percent chance of being gay. It is a strong suggestion that being gay is genetic and innate. In the older brother effect theory if the older brother is a half brother with the father, like the general population of people they have a two percent chance of being gay.

The significance of the studies is that it disproved many people who say that homosexuality is a learn behavior and could be change. And therefore should not be afforded the same rights like marriage and non discrimination. But Religion is a choice and that we do not discriminate base on religious beliefs.

Lastly, being gay is not a choice. People who say that being gay is choice are gay who are repressing their feelings. Finally, being gay is a normal and natural human behavior. 

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LGBT Monday: Harvey Milk and the hope he is still bringing up to today   

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

October 26, 2015
There are some people who’s legacy will not be recognize, until years or even decades after they died. This is definitely true for Harvey Milk, Harvey Milk is the first openly gay public elected official. I think he is more relevant today than back then. He gave a lot of hope to people that till this day is felt. 

I was 16, when I first watched the movie Milk, by Daniel Lance Black, staring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk. And I am not going to lie, I did not like the movie, I suppose I am too young to watch a gay theme film. But after almost 4 years at the age of 20 I watch the film again, and I absolutely love it, because I absolutely got the theme of the film, and the film is about hope.

Even after Milk was gun down, he is giving people hope as the first elected state supervisor just by being out. He is the first person who has given people an idea that being gay is not a crime or a sin. He’s death has more meaning now than ever before, after The US Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, Milk’s legacy of equality, came to life.

The hope that Harvey Milk gave to a lot of people back then that are in the shadows about being gay, holds true until today, with the organization the It Gets Better project. The founders spouses Dan Savage and Terry Miller, in the wake of the 2010 crisis of teens committing suicide, that the campaign is aim on giving hope to teenagers, that they can live happy lives. 

Lastly, I hope that Harvey Milk story of courage in the midst of everything that happen to him in his life, will be on every history book not just in liberal states, so that every LGBT kid can have the courage to live their lives as authentic as possible. Finally, I want to give you my favorite quote from Harvey Milk, “if a bullet should enter my brain let it shutter every closet door.”

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Edward Snowden and The NSA spying program 

By Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

October 23, 2015

In the first CNN democratic debate the moderator CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked the candidates a simple question. The question is, Is Edward Snowden a hero. Edward Snowden of course is this employee from the National security agency. Who after obtaining some ‘classified documents went to Hong Kong and talk to journalists about how the US government is violating people’s right to privacy, hens the US fourth amendment​


According to American Bill of Rights the 4th amendment protects from unwanted searches by the government. When the US government was ask about Snowden the government said that Snowden is a traitor and should be back in the country. The US government is violating its own laws. The NSA is doing some unconstitutional stuff. The government is saying that it is for your own good. Wow, you are spying on people from around the world.

The Republican Party is not a Conservative party. A conservative do not want a government involvement with their personal lives. The NSA spying program is the best example of why the Republican Party, I do consider as authoritarian party. Spying really, of course it is unconstitutional. It is in the 4th amendment.  

To answer the question I post on the title, Edward Snowden I think is an American hero, and should be given by president Obama a amnesty. It is so obvious that illegal what the NSA, is doing, it is unconstitutional. The NSA is spying on people and should be removed from the US government, Period. To be honest I do not know what the fuzz is about.

Finally, while I want Edward Snowden out of hiding to face the law that they say he broke. (the espionage act). I understand why he can not come back, because of the judgement he might face in the process. Lastly, Conservatives will often talk about ‘standing up for American principles’, this is what that means.

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Special: The importance of Marriage

 Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

October 21, 2015

The institution of marriage is one of the most important things in the world. Marriage is the binding force of the family, the family is the basic unit of a government. Naturally there are certain laws in place to protect marriage and the family respectively. Since the US Supreme Court said that marriage is a basic human right, for gay and Straight people alike. In this article I will list four of the most important rights that are being denied to unmarried couples.

The ability to choose your next of keen- When you are a young and healthy individual, you will not consider this. But when dying at your death bed, unable to speak, you will see this come to life. Your husband or wife are your default next of keen. Not only for inheritance rights but also deciding on your behalf. You are saying like, step aside brothers and sisters he/she will take care of me.

The ability to petition your partner from another country- I believe that the person you love should be with you in the same bed at night. But before the Supreme Court said that DOMA sign by Bill Clinton in to law is unconstitutional. People could not petition the love of their to live America.

Inheritance rights- Before marriage, gay people have no right with their partners estate. They are literally strangers under the law because of that reality some gay people did extreme measures adoption. Adoption so that they will have a legal relationship.

Spousal benefits- before marriage equality people have no right to health, tax, social security and many more, in fact their are a thousand benefits that before marriage is out of reach for the LGBT community.

Lastly, marriage should be about love and commitment, not the sex of the persons involved. The couple should be able to love the person till death to they part. Finally, marriage is a fundamental human right because love is a foundational Hunan experience.

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LGBT Monday: Gay Convertion Therapy 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte

October 19, 2015


Recently, after an Ohio transgender teen committed suicide after she was force in to reparative therapy. The president, president Obama said that reparative therapy is bad and wrong, also is very harmful especially to young people. 

Gay conversion therapy or reparative therapy is a practice that claims to change gay people in to straight by using a mixture of psychological and spiritual methods. This is bad and dangerous though because people can not change a persons sexual orientation. 

Until recently, because homosexuality is put under the mental health disorders list. They say that is should be cured. It lead to a rise of this gay conversion centers like Exodus international, which made such claims. There is this one study in particular (on this kid, the kid came out as gay at 16 and after 20 years he committed suicide.) that people in the movement had claimed but it was already been debunked. 

The risk of this kind of therapy is devastating to people, the person will feel very ashamed of themselves. Like there is something wrong about them, the person will feel depressed and anxious. They will feel broken and wrong about themselves.

People are gay as they are straight. Being gay is a variation of normalcy. People who say that homosexuality is a choice is a bad person. Who chooses to be gay in the first place. People think it is a fun lifestyle. The fact the matter is, it is not very fun being gay, four times more likely to commit suicide. That is no fun.

Lastly, who in their right mind chooses to be gay, with all of that thing, that can happen to you. They only chooses to come out. Coming out is a great feeling, because they owning who they are. People who come out so are brave, because they can put up with the worlds prejudices. Finally, I want to repeat what I said earlier, being gay is a variation of normalcy and normal never can change

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Special: Why don’t talk about LGBT rights on the democratic debate

Joaquin Tenedora Forte 

October 16, 2015


I watched the CNN democratic debate Wednesday evening, they talk about many things that I like, gun control, money in politics, the black lives matter movement, immigration, drug legalization and many more to name a few things. But there is one thing that is not touch by the moderator, Anderson Cooper, it is the issue of gay rights, even though he is also gay.

As we probably all know by now, the Democratic Party is for gay rights. At least, Five out of five on that stage are for gay marriage, they are now pass the issue. Unlike, in the Republican Party where in they are still arguing among themselves. Because the republicans loss on marriage since 2012, when in the polls shows that a majority of Americans are in favor of gay marriage. plus, the democrats are more substantive.

People almost forget that Clinton, Sanders and O’Mally when you ask them at least ten years ago if they support gay rights, the answer will be No. Hillary Clinton’s husband former president Bill Clinton sign the single most homophobic bill in US history, DOMA or the so called Defense of Marriage Act. Which did not give federal recognition to gay relationships, even if they get married in a state that legalize marriage equality.
Bernie Sanders  




 on the other hand although he did not sign DOMA, he did not support marriage equality in Vermont in 2006, As well as governor Martin O’Mally who is only in favor of civil unions , when he become governor of Marryland but he change his position in 2012, sponsoring a marrage equality bill.

This shows people that democrats are much better than republicans on this issue alone. That they can reinvent themselves when they see people are for it. That is better politics. I wish though that they will do that with everything else, especially gun control where in 90 percent of Americans are for saner gun control legislation.

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We are all liberals: Because we all believe in Liberty 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

October 14, 2015 

In today’s American political arena, you can only be two, conservative or liberal. But calling liberals, liberals is almost a misnomer, because we all believe in liberalism. Even so called conservatives believe in Liberty and being free. We should call democrats progressives, because they are. 

Liberty is always ingrained in America for the very foundation of the country. In the Declaration of Independence there is “life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America is also the first official secular state’. Conservatives might not agree but the first amendments said so. That is also the deciding difference between the two parties

The biggest difference between conservatives and progressives is their beliefs on how the country should operate. Conservatives operate on the idea of traditions. Most but not all conservatives believe they have the right to infringed on other people’s rights, (I.e. Religion) conservatives are more tribalistic, they are also more inclined to think in terms of the us vs. them mentality, they tend to be more nationalistic, they almost always support wars.

Progressives on the other hand are more open minded. They tend not to be into traditions. They believe in personal liberty. They support gay marriage and they tend to be more pro-choice. They advocate for giving undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Progressives believe that religion is separate from the state. Most progressives are non interventionist, they only want to fight defensive wars. Also, many progressives are infavor of getting money out of politics.

This fondimental difference is why Americas political system is more divided than ever. Lastly America should get over the progressives vs conservatives argument, America should stick to the idea of Rights, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that is what makes America great.

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LGBT Monday: Tips for kids on how to come out of the closet 

Joaquin Tenedora ForteOctober 12, 2015

Yesterday October 11 is National Coming Out Day. For LGBT people today is the day to own their identity, their gay identity or anything that they are lying about. But I want to caution thirteen or fourteen year old children, because coming out maybe not the right idea to do. Young teenagers are more vulnerable to being homeless. Here are four tips to help you ease the coming out prosses.

1. Take a good hard look at your family or friends- listen to them when talking about gay rights, when people are unguarded people can be truthful. For example, ask questions; mom,what do you think of Kurt from Glee? If she said, he is awesome, that might mean you are in good hands.


2. Give them a year to think about your sexuality: if you came out of the closet to your parents and they are not accepting, give them a year to ask questions or to be hostile to you. You need to be the adult here. Most parents will be accepting of you and your sexuality.

3. Do not rush coming out- Coming out of the closet is no rush. It is a process, It takes months, years or even decades to come out. Take for instance Caitlyn Jenner who at the age of 64 came out as transgendered.


  4. Do  not use Bisexuality as a stepping stone for coming out as fully gay- This is very annoying to people who are really bisexual. You are stilling their identity. It’s harder for them to come out of the closet. You are if not sure of your sexuality, Just say I am still questioning.

Finally, it will not be better it will be worse for a while or maybe a long while. You may lose friends or your family may not   accept you but keep on fighting. Remember this, you need to be who you are, your identity is more important than friends. Lastly, you have lifetime of coming out to do, so do not rush.                                                                 


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