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LGBT Monday: A letter to the LGBT people about HIV/AIDS

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte November 30, 2015
An open letter to all LGBT people on HIV AIDS 

        Hi guys, tomorrow will be World AIDS day, a day of remembrance for those people due to AIDS died and are still suffering till this day. People gay and straight of because their bad choices can not be free, free to live life as they wanted to.
        By the way my name is Joaquin, I am 23 years old, you can say I am young but I know about this topic. When I was growing up I listen to the band Queen and frontman Freddie Mercury, Freddie died of AIDS on November 1991, I was born on December 92. I researched that the virus that killed one of my favorite singers can be prevented today.
       HIV today is a manageable condition and no one should die from this. But everyday people die a senseless death because of this terrible virus. In Africa specially, in South Africa where in people have the most number of HIV Infections in the world, it is because of the government’s luck of empathy. And denying the fact that HIV causes AIDS. 
       HIV/AIDS is not a gift, I heard in a documentary that people do want to be infected with HIV. Why? It is still a terrible disease that kills thousands of people in the world. HIV is hard and costly. Gay people are the most vulnerable group for HIV-AIDS because of their sexual conduct.
      Finally, yeah, HIV is a manageable condition in the western world. But world wide people are dying because of this sad disease. We as people should be mindful of that.
Yours truly,



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Political Correctness 

Joaquin Tenedora-ForteNovember 27, 2015

In recent years there are some people who came too far in being a progressive, and these people thinks that it is Alright to question what America is founded from the idea of free speech. These people are called PC police, PC stands for political correctness. What they do is bombard people when they say something they said that they dimmed problematic.

Are there some words that when you say it will offend people? of course, like the word nigger is one of those words that when you say it it offends people because of its history. One other word, fag or faggot that word in my opinion should be ban because this words have a history of hate to it.

There are some words in that are in Accurate for example the term illegal immigrants or alien. The term to use is undocumented immigrant, because undocumented people have no papers, and they are not illegal. And besides actions are illegal not people, there is a problem when people uses that term because being in the US illegally is not a crime rather a civil offense.

There are some instances that being too progressive becomes regressive. When you censored comedy, comedy should not be censored because comedy is not there to hate. When you say certain words, like actor to describe an actress because people say it is sexist. When people used terms that are not offensive and the make it as if they are offended, like for example the term disabled, they say is offensive you should used differently-abled, something like that.

Lastly, I want to say this it is the intent that counts, when you mean it in the bad way, it will come out it is wrong and bad. Finally, I do not like people saying it is just words or the opposite is to be a PC police

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Happy thanksgiving: the history of thanksgiving 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

November 25, 2015

As we probably know by now the last Thursday of November is thanksgiving, a holiday for turkey and mash potato, it is also for giving thanks for a good year that pass. This is a completely American Holliday. Understandably Americans are very protective of this Holliday, 

 Last year, I remembered a story of an undocumented family from Mexico had a thanksgiving dinner. Their neighbors told them that they are not supposed to celebrate thanksgiving because they are not Americans.

The first ever recorded thanksgiving dinner was in the New England area by Pilgrims in short it is by settlers or (immigrants) from Europe. The dinner is for giving thanks for a safe trip to the new world. The pilgrims invited native Americans to join them. 

 The Holliday wasn’t regularly celebrated until the civil war, when president Abraham Lincoln put the date to celebrate the union’s win. Celebrated every 4th week of November, it was a gate way to the Christmas season. 

By the 1930’s during the Great Depression president Franklin D. Roosevelt move the date to the 3rd week of November. So that the retailers will have an ample time to prepare for Christmas, and people are outrage. The very next year FDR signed an executive order that move thanksgiving back to its original date.

Lastly, people should shut up when people want to celebrate thanksgiving even is they are not Americans or if they are undocumented.. It is their right to celebrate the Holliday.
What are you thankful for this year? Here is what I am thankful for, first and foremost I am thankful for the Internet, because if there. is no internet I will not be able to do what ever i want, the blog Secondly, I am thankful for technology in general. Lastly for my family and friends specially, my mom, dad and my sister Joanna who made things possible for me. Happy thanksgiving guys!! 


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LGBT Monday: LGBT people in Uganda 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte  November 23, 2015

In parts of the western world were in there is full civil equality for the LGBT community. it is hard to understand that there are still countries that being gay is illegal, one of those country is Uganda. In Uganda, LGBT people are being jailed, life in prison maximum for being gay. 

The public perception of homosexuality is worse according to Pew Global Attitude, 97 percent of Ugandans believe that homosexuality is a way of life and that society should not accept it. Of course this is not the case, homosexuality is not a lifestyle. It is not a choice, People do not choose it. It is innate. 

The problem is that Uganda is a colony of the United Kingdom until the 1960’s. In the 1950’s Great Britain passes laws that bans sodomy. In the UK of course, today there’s full equality of the law for UK’s citizens but it’s former colony has not updated it’s laws. All though the country reverses its death penalty laws, the problem is its people.

The problem with the people of Uganda is that its religion, evangelical Christians from the United States who invested money into Ugandan politics makes things worse for their gay citizens. The perception of gay people is so bad.

What is like to be gay in Uganda today? Very bad, gay people in Uganda are suffering, suffering because of a luck of job opportunities making them one of the poorest sectors of Uganda. People are dying because of AIDS at record rate. People can not find a job, and not live happy, normal lives. 

Lastly, to conclude my post, people need to condone the savagery that is happening in Uganda. I call on people of the western world to give a dumb about what is happening in Uganda, people are not doing enough for their brothers and sisters there

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Religion is harmful

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte  November 20, 2015
In the song Imagine by John Lennon, He sings about religion being a dividing power. Religion is a relevant topic today after the Paris attacks where in Muslim extremists bomb a concert hall where in they killed one hundred plus people. In my opinion believing in any fundamentalist interpretation of any religion is harmful to people.

For hundreds of years, people thought that religion and morality are intertwined. And that to be a good person you need to have a faith. People overlooked atheism and agnosticism as bad and wrong, people in America thinks that an atheist are the worst kinds and is not qualified to be president. In fact According to Pew Research only 47 percent of people will vote for an atheist president.

People are worse off with religion According to Pew Research, why? The reason is that people are more clingy to their religious identity.and therefore will not help some one who is some what of a different religion than they are, it makes perfect sense because people who are religious are more likely to not see people that are different than them, i.e. Gay people and other minority groups.

Peole who are in a fundamentalist interpretation of a particular religious text are more likely to be hateful and harmful like the KKK who is a Christian group and ISIS, who is a Muslim terror group. Even ordinary religious people are more likely to be harmful than non religious people. For example people who often refer to a said holy book and ignoring the parts that are not convenient on their part like for example in the issue of gay marriage, a person might say that in Leviticus 20:13 and not the part where the bible talks about slavery. 

Lastly, John Lennon is right that religion is bad for people. Finally the best idea is to follow the golden rule that is do not do to Others what you do not like others to do to you, it makes so much sense .


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The State of Gay Rights Around the  World 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

November 18, 2015

People in much of the western world never really thinks of marriage (equality) today, because they have marriage equality Already. You may probably do not realize that there are countries around the world, particularly in Africa and the Middle East that does not have equal treatment for the LGBT community, in some of these countries it is even illegal to be gay.

In much of Africa there are some laws on the books that is illegal to be gay. Why in 2015 you think? Because of their religion, there is something to blame there and the fact that most of Africa are poor. It Plays a very big factor on why their policies are, an uneducated countries are more likely to be conservative, and more likely to follow traditions.. 

The most homophobic countries are Uganda, Syria and Iraq (under the Islamic state and the US ally Saudi Arabia wow. they are killing gay people just for being gay. Those people are being killed for an arbitrary reason. They are killing gay people for religious reasons. In the case of Uganda it is Christianity and that rich pastors from the United States are donating money for their political interest. 

There are some countries that have softer laws against gay people. Like in the Philippines, although there is no partnership protections and no nationwide anti discrimination laws. At least in this country gay people are not being jailed. And that the people of the country are more accepting or at least tolerating of homosexuality. It is particularly evident in their films and their TV shows, where in there is at least one gay person on their Media. 

Lastly, Homosexuality is not a crime and not a sin, it is an arbitrary reason that can not be changed. The fight is not over for activist and advocates, even in the United States (land of the free) there is no law that protects you’re freedom to fully express the self. So, keep on fighting guys.

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The France theater Attacks

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte November 16, 2015

You guys probably know that I talk about the LGBT community on this blog on Mondays. Today, I will be changing things up. I will do my reaction to the France theater attack, that killed 100 plus people and it’s aftermath. I would admit that I don’t know a ton regarding what happened, the details, the specifics, so bear with me. 

I just woke up from a nap, when I checked my Facebook like every other person does. this days. one person that I follow immigration activists Jose Antonio Vargas posted a picture of the Statue of Liberty, to the effect of I stand with France. Wow, what is happening I think to my self, I turn on the TV to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, I was devastated to see that just less than a year since the Charlie Hebdo massacre, here we go again.

I am thinking of what will happened to the Millions of Syrian refugees that just landed in Western Europe months ago. That they will certainly be blame for what happen in France as a natural response. Like what happen in America in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. I will reassure people that they have nothing to do with this. 

People should not suffer like this in the hands of terrorist. Though I believe that you can not fix terrorism with invading Iraq or Syria. The American government, President Obama should not authorized congress to use force in this situation. Because it will just escalate tensions between the US government and people In the region. Furthermore, let the French deal with this. It’s their war now.

Lastly, my deepest condolences and sympathies, goes out to the families of the victims of this terrible attack. The people who died are innocent, they are just watching a concert with their family and friends. Finally We should totally condemned the people who did this senseless attacks


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My second predictions on the 2016 presidential elections

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte November 12, 2015
On August this year 15 months until the election I wrote an article on this blog, stating my predictions on the 2016 elections. many things had change since then. Scott Walker withdraw his candidacy and Jeb Bush is still leading. And in the democratic side we still have five candidates now they only have three. Likewise. I will do the republican then the democratic and the general elections.

I do not think Dr Ben Carson can pull a win, no way! He will be like a Herman Cain, he is not politically intelligent. Donald Trump in the other hand I still do not he will not win the nomination. You will never know with him If he can stay on top of the survey and win Iowa and New Hampshire, then he have a great chance of winning the nomination. I also don’t think it will be Jeb Bush because he is far gone. I think it will be a Marco Rubio or a Ted Cruz because they are Latinos from Cuba, to be the first Cuban American president will be awesome for the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party on the other hand had two men and a woman standing: Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton. I think that Hillary Clinton will win the nomination, but She has this credibility problem, her emails. Sanders I want to win, but I know that he cant win because of ‘the socialist’ attach to his name. Martin O’Malley, I think he knows that this is not his time. He will run as a Vice President instead.

 If a candidate named Ran Paul from the Republican Party wins the nomination.i think the republicans have a chance, a chance to win the general elections. Otherwise it will be Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Party has a lot of what the people wants. Ran Paul is a libertarian that means he is for individual liberty.

Lastly, Of course this is just my own personal opinion. As a liberal i believe that the Democratic Party will win the election. But as we always know how election goes it’s unpredictable sometimes a Candidate is on top sometimes they are at the bottom, like Jeb Bush. Finally, who will make a good president, in my humble opinion it is a Bernie SANDERS.

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Religion in America: Atheism and morality 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte 
November 11, 2015
In a recent poll done by Pew Research stated that 53 percent of Americans will not vote for an atheist president. That is higher than any other sub group of people in the country. Americans often conflict Atheism with Satanism but is this the case? In this article I want to talk about atheism, and the atheist view of the world. 

First of all I want to explain the difference between an Atheist and Satanist, a satanists believe in the devil. Although they can believe in no God and no religion but a half of satanists believe in Satan the enemy of God. Atheist on the other hand believe that there is no evidence to support the idea for a God. They also believe more in the theory of evolution.

4 percent of Americans are hardcore atheist. Atheists are liberals, mostly supporting the Democratic Party. They believe in what the science says, for example in the Issue of climate change, they have the position that climate change is mostly man made. In the Issue of war, they are more likely to be anti-war. In the issue of American imperialism, they are less nationalistic. In social issues most atheist believe in drug legalization, gay marriage and are more likely to be pro choice.

The biggest question in the minds of Christians is where do atheist get their morality from, this is a valid point though, because there is no bible to backup their morals. In my opinion you do not need religion In order for you to be a a good, decent human being. You only need the golden rule: DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU DO NOT LIKE OTHERS TO DO TO YOU. And that by following the golden rule you can grow up to be a decent person.

Lastly, should you support an atheist for president? Off course, I think that an atheist is much better capable to be president, because of what they believe in. Finally, I really believe that you should vote for people not base on their religion but base on policies.


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LGBT Monday: The Closet 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
November 9, 2015
In recent years the acceptance of gay people in our society is better than ever, More and more people are coming out of the closet as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. And It is a very good thing for people because the closet is a very lonely place, where depression is king and anxiety is queen. In today’s article I will be talking about the effects of being in the closet.

Compartmentalizing something as significant as your sexuality is damaging to the person in the closet, feeling of depression and anxiety is evident people who are closeted. They are lying to people who they love and what they do (for example, introducing someone as your friend and not your partner) like that. 

A historic prospective for you, back then people who are gay did not came out of the closet. People do play and play (have sex) in their 20’s and then they will marry a woman, have children and call it a day. The same time as the Stonewall riots in the 1960’s, people are starting to come out more and more. Gay people are more out there. 

People who came out of the closet are happier and more contented with themselves. They are not living a lie. People who came out are not likely  to be depress and anxious than people who are still in the closet. Furthermore the younger people came out of the closet live a much happier life’s.

Lastly, People have no place in the closet. People need to understand that by coming out of the closet, they are helping the gay community tremendously. Lastly it is not a rush coming out of the closet, when your ready to come outfcheck out my four tips on coming out:

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