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My Year end special: My top five favorite stories of the year and my person of the year

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

December 30, 2015
5. Donald Trump entering the race for the White House- Do not get me wrong I hate this person a lot because of what he is saying. He have said some of the nastiest stuff in this election cycle, but do not get me wrong it is so much fun to watch. My favorite is when he attacked Carly Fiorina and said he would not like to see that face in the White House. 

4. The Charlie Hebdo Attacks- this is not my favorite story at all but this informs how I write, before the Charlie Hebdo attacks I am really scared of speaking my mind out but after the attacks at Charlie Hebdo, I said to my self that I really need to write about the issues that I care mostly about, like equality.

3. The 2016 presidential elections specially the republican debates- this had been a weird year as far as election is concern, as i said, since Mr Trump had entered the race, America has been fixated on him but not talking about the issues at hand.

2. The Syrian Refugee Crisis- This is such a sad story that I could not even believe that I will be writing this on the blog, but it need to be talk about. The Syrian civil war have so many innocent lives taken from us. The best thing we can do is help people in need. Do not be scared of Muslim refugees. America has the most robust screening process of refugees In the world.  

My favorite story of the year is Marriage equality in the USA: On 26 June of this year the United States Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision, states that marriage is a right under the 14th Amendment of the constitution. I think that it will be a stepping stone for many countries to do the same.


My person of the year will be Donald Trump

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LGBT Monday: A Year For Equality, A Year To Remember 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

December 28, 2015

On June 26, 2015, the moment gay rights activists in America have been waiting for, the culmination of decades of labor and love. The fight for equal marriage is finally here. It came when the US Supreme Court decided on Obergafell v. Hudges. Justice Anthony Kennedy states that marriage is a foundational institution of such huge importance.

    Looking back on the marriage fight, I am so amazed that young gay people do not know about their own history, they are growing up in an environment that accept and loves them. But back in the dark ages of marriage inequality, there are people who died fighting for the right to be with someone that they love, equal hospital visits, tax benefits and equal families. Like in the Obergafell case were in the spouse dies, the surviving one, wanted to be listed the spouse.

Young people do not even realize that only a generation ago, gay people are getting arrested for being them selves. People today do not even realize that in many countries around the world, it is Illegal to be gay, it is even punishable by death. In America’s biggest friend in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. America should do it with out Saudi, They really suck.

America has won on one of its biggest fronts ever. Is this the end of the story, off course it is not. There are a lot of things to be done. Like demolishing this so called religious freedom restoration act that some conservative states put down after their states recognizes marriage. And also the passage of the federal non-discrimination act because you can gay married on Sunday and be out of work on Monday.

 Lastly, as I said earlier the fight is not over. People need to keep it in check because if you do not be careful. If you have like president Rubio or Bush or Cruz, they can still do a marriage amendment that will prohibit. As their Last effort to derail EQUALITY.

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Happy Christmas guys


Christmas is here…. So Marry Christmas guys….from me to you .. Be back on December 28

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My life with cerebral palsy 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
December 23, 2015
      YouTube is a great platform that I want to be able to do, this is a speech I wrote last week. Explaining why I can not do YouTube….
     Did you notice how I walk, how I talk, that is because of a developmental disorder due to a luck of oxygen to the brain. What condition am I talking about, It is cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a brain injury occurring before, during or shortly after birth. CP is one of the most common developmental disabilities in children affecting one in every eight hundred live births. 
       By the way my name is Joaquin, I was born with cerebral palsy and everyday of my life it affects me. The way I talk and the fear of falling down. I have a milder case of CP. Cerebral palsy is a spectrum disorder from mild, moderate, sever or profound. People with cerebral palsy can have profound mental disabilities. But lucky for me, I am a smart person. 
     My cerebral palsy affects how I talk, i have a spastic type that affects the left side of my body greater than my right side. But my memory and intelligence is normal. I am very conscious of talking in public because of my cerebral palsy, I will not order food from restaurants, or even ask help from people at supermarkets.
     The most frustrating thing about having CP is when people look down at me, and talk to me as a young child, which I am not a child. I am 23, talk to me as an adult. We are not virtual children. People like me are smart and we can contribute to the greater good of the world. 
      By the way, I want to do my favorite buzzfeed videos, when they take people for example, who are bisexual, they will say who they are and who they are not. So this is it, I have cerebral palsy, but I am not dumb, but I am an artist, I am a writer, I want to be a filmmaker. I want to change the world.  
      Finally, people with cerebral palsy are diverse. Just keep that in mind when you see people like me. Thank you very much, have a great day.

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Special: Christmas For Non Religious 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
December 23, 2015

Note: I am speaking for myself and not for anyone else. 
As you probably know by now I am not religious. Even though I still consider myself as culturally Catholic, The reason being is that I do not want to affiliate my self with people who are hateful and wrong. This holiday season I want to write about what Christmas means to me. 

In America, Christmas is a secular holiday, celebrated by folks of all types of religious affiliation. Christmas is one of the most important events for most of us. In fact 90 percent of Americans celebrate it. Just over 70 percent are Christians. 

For me what is Christmas, In a nutshell Christmas is about giving, Christmas is spending time with family, it is about the food, that Christmas ham. It is about gifts on the Christmas tree. it is about the music we hear, my favorite being; John Lennon’s, Happy Christmas: War Is Over. 

Christmas is about giving and sharing. Christmas is now more than the baby Jesus, though he is still a big part of it. Christmas has evolved to a global holiday celebrated by billions.

Finally, do not get mad at Starbucks for doing a red cup without the decorations. And at people when they say happy holidays instead of marry Christmas. Because not all people think like you. Finally, I want to wish people a Marry Christmas and a happy new

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Dear Donald Trump 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte December 18, 2015
Dear Mr Trump;
Hi mister Trump, i will not lie to you, I hate what you said about everything. You are basically a racist. And a racist do not belong in the White House. Is it right to use a person who just died for your political gains. People hate you. 
  Really, All Muslims are terrorists and all Mexicans are rapist, wow. Don, you are wrong. Though there are some Muslims that are terrorist. A majority are not. Mexicans are not rapist, in fact Mexican immigrants are being raped at the US Southern border by US border patrol.. Don, Mexico do not send its citizens to do harm to the U.S, who in the world will do that. People know when people lie…..

Lastly, Don, Your slogan for your campaign is great. Make America great again, We understand that you want to do this for the country. But you are doing a disservice to people with what you said and what you are saying. 


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Donald Trump and Muslims

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

December 16, 2015
Last Monday, on the campaign trail republican front runner Donald Trump said the most offensive thing that he said, that if he is elected president he will ban all Muslims from entering the US. It is among a stream of offensive comments. It was so disgusting to say the least and is potentially dangerous, here is why.

Not all Muslims are Islamist. Unlike Trump’s rhetoric there, he is generalizing all Muslims. Muslims are a group of people, Islam is a religion. There are liberal Muslims and conservative Muslims, there are atheist Muslims In short muslims are a group of people. Islam on the other hand is a religion. AKA (the religion of Islam). People should not compare all Muslims to ISIL  
Donald Trump is putting Americans in danger in the Middle East. Because of what he said, as one politician said Donald Trump is the best friend of Isis. And he is not aware of what he is doing. Conservatives do not even realize what they are putting themselves in by supporting Trump. America wake up, please. 

Even conservative dingbats, Vice President Dick Cheney condemned Trump for what he said. Saying that it is un-American even Dick Cheney the orchestrator of the Iraq War. Wow. All the republican candidates for president condemned what he said, but one, Ted Cruz, wow. Also even regular Americans said he went to far. It is so incredible that he is not out of the race yet, with what he said. 

Lastly, this is just what I want to say to people who supports a candidate like Donald Trump, You all know this that he is just your candidate because you are also like him. Racist!!! Finally, People like him should not be president. He is racist and full of hate.

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The Trevor Project 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte December 14, 2015

 Last weekend I was watching a livestream event on the internet because one of my favorite YouTubers RJ from shep689 is hosting it. For this thing called Trevor live is a charity red carpet event, by the Trevor project. I heard of Trevor project back then, but I did not know the story behind the charity, so like a Intelligent person does I research it. 

In 1998 the short dramedy film on HBO called Trevor, premiers. It is about a teenager named Trevor who attempted suicide after his friends rejected him after coming out as gay. The film won academy awards for best short film the same year. The people behind the film want to do a hotline for LGBT people but there Is no suicide hotlines back then. They decided to create a hotline from the proceeds of the film.

 The first years since the Trevor Hotline started had been a success. The hotline is reaching thousands of youth across the United States. There have been local chapters of the Trevor HotLine. Celebrities started to take notice, like comedian Ellen, Kathy Griffin, and newscaster Anderson Cooper and plenty more. In 2009 they receive a big check from Daniel Radcliffe. In 2011 YouTube megastar Tyler Oakley did a found racer for the Trevor Project. He race five hundred thousand for his birthday.

The Trevor Project is not just only a hotline anymore, it had expanded, it has a social media site Trevor Space a safe space for LGBT Youth and their allies. Trevor Chat an online forum for non suicidal youth to talk to people about everything. And Trevor Live an annual one day live red carpet event/found racers for the good cost that is the Trevor Project.

Lastly, the Trevor Project saves countless lives, we should support this charity. Finally, if you are planning to take your own life: call 1800 for u Trevor and please do not take your life because your life is so precious.  

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Special: Sandy Hook

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte December 11, 2015
On the morning of Friday December 14, 2012, was a regular day for people in Newtowm CT, It was nearing the weekend and parents want to go out with their young kids. But at around 9 am in the morning the world was shock when a shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school, happened a shooter (we should not utter the name) killed twenty 1st and 2nd graders and six educators that faithful day. The world was stunned in disbelief. How did America deal with such a tragic day. More importantly what did Americans learn from that day.

In the days presiding that Newtown shooting the National Raffle Association (NRA) said in a press conference that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun, perfectly reasonable right? But No, the problem with that is it simply does not work. Guns make people feel as If they have power over other people, so that is bad and empirically is wrong, the most conservative states, have more gun violence.
  I am not here to take your guns away, because I do not think that it is possible,. 300 million guns how are you going to get rid of all those guns. So here is my gun policy proposals and it is very vanilla., note I like what said I am not trying to get your guns.

1. Ban high capacity magazine- High capacity magazines is bad for obvious reasons because you can go on without even reloading. 

2. Ban Machine guns- who need a machine gun, a machine gun is for war zones not at your house to defend yourselves form bad persons

3. Mental Health background checks- background checks can prevent another Sandy Hook, checking the persons for depression or something else is very reasonable.

Lastly, there are tens of thousands of people die every year in America, so we need gun control and gun background checks. Finally, We need to remember people who died due to lack of gun control.

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My personal thoughts: Drug Legalization  

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
December 9, 2015

As my favorite YouTuber Will Shepherd of shep689 disclosed that he is using medical marijuana, he is using it to combat his anxiety due to having PTSD. It got me thinking about Marijuana and the use of the drug. According to the FDA, marijuana is a scheduled one substance, is highly addictive and has no medicinal value, or is it.

As a true social libertarian, I am in favor of legalizing or at least decriminalizing all drugs. Because I believe that as long as it is illegal, people want to try drugs. A historic perspective the prohibition of alcohol in America is a prime example when you ban people, people will want it even more, it is human nature.

Legalizing drugs will lead to fewer crimes, fewer black men will get arrested. (The majority of people arrested for drug crimes are young men of color). as I discuss in a previous blog that, whites and blacks do drugs at the same rate but blacks are arrested more. Furthermore the drug cartels will not have any control on drugs. 

The biggest benefits of legalizing drugs is the money from taxing and regulating a said drug. In Colorado in the years leading up to the legalization of marijuana, the state have a net loss but after the drug being legal, the state saw a big jump in revenue, same as in Washington state.

People do not even see that marijuana is very helpful for people who have no hope with traditional medicine, like children who have epilepsy. People who have mental illness need a help from marijuana because marijuana has fewer nasty side effects. People (especially conservatives) can you stop being ignorant about this topic.

Lastly. Every drug should be legal, tax and regulated. People should not be hypocritical about drugs. For sure you take drugs like caffeine or alcohol, it is no different than marijuana.

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