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The band that change my life; the Beatles 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

January 29, 2015

  As you probably know when I wrote a birthday tribute to John that I love the Beatles, they are such a intricate part of my life. I listen to their music a lot. They have been a big part of teenage years. Today, I want to write a letter to Paul McCartney and say how the band change my life. 

Dear, Paul:

           I know people writes to you and Ringo all the time, that’s why In 2008 Ringo said no mail, peace and love. But what I want to say is that the Beatles had such an influence in me and my life. John, specially he was the first person that I really connect with in a spiritual level. 

          Paul, because John is such a miss fit through out his life, I felt a sense of connection with him as a person. In many ways I am like him. When I was in school my grades are low. I know that I am a smart person in some reason I cannot get that grades high enough. It’s though. John was a genius, but he really find it hard to get good grades too. 

       Paul, you wrote my favorite Beatle and probably my favorite song ever, Hey Jude. The story of that song to me is so amazing. In case you did not know, Paul wrote at least the first stanza for Julian Lennon (John’s son) after he and his first wife were divorcing. 

      The Beatles had such an influence on me as a person. I never thought of the Beatles as changing my life but they did. John’s song Imagine is really one of the best songs of all time. The lyrics is good, it’s representing the struggle for peace.

       Paul, The Beatles is the best band ever, you made a huge impact on me. I will never be the person that I am today if it’s not because of the Beatles. I love you guys all.

Yours truly,

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

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This week in LGBT: Hillary Clinton’s LGBT rights record

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

January 28, 2016

Recently the HRC, the Human Rights Campaign endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. I think it is a dumb idea for the HRC to support a candidate that have just flip fop on the issue. She is not for marriage equality back then, but why her and why not Bernie.

Remember that in 2004, when the Bush administration was trying to amend the constitution Hillary Clinton is for that. She said that marriage is a “sacred” institution, that is for a man and a woman to make children. I am not trying to say that she can not change her position. But the biggest thing about that there are really caveats.

The HRC got it wrong when they supported her. She really is not for marriage equality. She just flip flops to get support. Also the party platform, marriage equality is in the Democratic Party platform. And If she do not follow the mandate she will lose, the democratic nomination. It’s really a bad choice for them.


 Why not Bernie? Bernie Sanders is a known civil rights activists, in fact the guy was in the March on Washington. Yeah, at first he may not be for marriage equality but he is for civil unions. Human rights is not just about marriage equality, or something like that, that is just a part of it. Civil rights is also about Income Inequality, racial inequality, gender inequality and criminal justice system. Which all of the mention Bernie is so in favor of. The HRC is so much about Mrs. Clinton, they are really a hypocrite. 

Finally, the HRC is just picking that winnable candidate. They are also playing in the notion that Bernie will not win because he is a socialist democrat. Lastly, democratic socialist just means that Bernie just believes that the government’s job is to give people what they pay for in taxes.

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Humans are humans 

A poem by  Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
January 25, 2016

Humans are humans even if 

They are black 

They are white 

They are Asians 

They are Latino’s

They need equal treatment of the law 

No stops 

No Freaks

No illegals

Humans are humans even if

They are rich 

They are middle class 

They are poor

They need medical attention 

They need to be able to access free higher education

Humans are are humans even if

They have autism 

They have cerebral palsy 

They have Down syndrome 

They are blind

They are deaf

They are lame

They need affordable medical attention 

They need reasonable education

Humans are humans even if

They are gay 

They are bisexual 

They are transgender 

They are asexual

They need full equal/civil rights 

They need to not thrown out for being who they are 

They need to not be fired for being who they are 

Humans are humans so 

They need love

They need respect 

They need empathy 

They need understanding

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The person that change my life: Adam Lambert

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
January 22, 2016

There are some people that when you first see or encountered changes your path on life. I know he can not read this but I want to be known that I love him. I know we might not cross paths but I love everything about him and his life. His name is Adam Lambert and I want to write a letter to him to let him know how I feel about him.

Dear; Adam, 

        Like most of your fans I first saw you on the talent show American Idol, you are first auditioning for the show singing Bohemian Rhapsody by my dad’s favorite band Queen. You made it through the finale against your roommate on the show Kris Allen. I was so devastated, when he won because I know that you are more talented than he is. 

     Two weeks later you came out of the closet about your sexuality, that you are gay. I was a young Catholic kid back then and did not know what to feel about you. I saw all of those pictures you, kissing another boy in but I did not know how I will feel. But I know that I love you and wanted my idol to be happy.

     Adam, because of you I became more civically aware. I became a gay rights activists certainly because of your influence. I am a lot open minded. If I have not known you I will definitely not be the person that I am today. You changed my perspective on life. 

    Adam, you mean so much to me. I love your music. You are such a talented person. You are a great guy. I really love you as a person. You are my life changer, you are my inspiration. Keep on doing inspiring things, keep on inspiring people. 

Yours truly,


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This week in LGBT: the dangers of a Republican President

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte January 20, 2016

This summer the Supreme Court of the United States in a landmark decision gave full civil marriage rights to gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals. Now, as we know Election Day is in November. If a republican wins the biggest challenge is how are we going to protect our rights as individuals, what do I mean by that?

As we all know the Republican Party is a Conservative party, they are hostile to the LGBT community. Not a single person running for president in the Republican Party is for marriage equality, not one. Wow, even Ran Paul a libertarian. And everyone is not in favor of work place protections. I am very sicken by how these people can say or do that.

People should be aware that marriage equality can be repealed. By doing a constitutional amendment. And also a catch 22 the justices that decided on the marriage ban are old. I think that justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan are the youngest. And the rest is in their 70’s and Justice Ginsburg is 82. If a republican wins and there is challenge on marriage equality, the president appoints the Justices, all our successes will vanish in thin air.

One more thing, The Equality Act a law protecting LGBT’s from workplace discrimination, is never going to pass in a republican controlled house of representatives, senate, White House and Supreme Court. Transgendered people in particular will not be able to thrive, they will further become a second class citizen. 

Lastly, young people specially need to register and vote that is the only way that we can combat homophobia in the macro level, guys, my final word is this, this fight is not over, there are still some things that should be done. People should be able top think a head and we should win this fight.

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Martin Luther King day! 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

January 18, 2015

Today we celebrate a very special man and his name is Martin Luther King Jr. A man who fight oppression. He had a dream, a dream of equality for all, that reaches far beyond race. His legacy of peace, love and Justice is very much alive until this day. So to commemorate MLK’s legacy, I will be recreating his I Have A Dream speech, with my own dreams for humanity. So here is it, enjoy 

                          I have a dream (my version)
I have a dream that we can love the person that we love without fear of rejection from our families. 

I have a dream that we can hold hands with the person we love with out judgement from other people.

I have a dream that our (the US) immigration system is not broken people have so that people can go home to their home countries.

I have a dream that every boy and girl can be able to express themselves without being ridiculed.

I have a dream that blacks and whites, Asians and Latinos, are treated fairly under the law.

I have a dream that we can have clean and just elections, free from corruptions.

I have a dream that we end the unnecessary wars we should not be involved in.

I have a dream that we should end our ties with countries that are oppressing its citizens for being who they are.

I have a dream that people are free to say what ever they want and not be punished.

I have a dream that people are not shot on the streets of Chicago.

I have a dream of peace and love for all the citizens of the world.

Lastly, I hope that Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy will live not just today but each and everyday. Finally, Martin Luther King is one of my inspirations

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Talking about Obama’s Legacy

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte January 15, 2016

Let us flashback for a little bit in 2008, a young senators from Illinois Senator Barack Obama was running for president of the United States. He was up against the political juggernaut Senator Hillary Clinton from New York, he beat her, in the democratic primary, like David beats Goliath. In due of his last year of presidency I want to write about his legacy.

His biggest legacy perhaps is ObamaCare, a health care law that gave Americans the choice to buy Cheep on the private market. It is a step on the right direction and is definitely not perfect, because their are millions of people that are uninsured. I think that America is over due for universal healthcare. 

One of the most controversial things that Obama did is his executive action on immigration. As an effort to give relief to undocumented young people in 2012, signing the Deferred Action against Childhood Arrivals. And in 2014 he sign a expanded version that gave relief to their parents and to people who are not legible back in 2012.

The most disappointing things about Obama is the wars in the Middle East. He said while campaigning in 2008 that he will end the wars that was started by his predecessor President Bush, specially Iraq. Six years later America is still fighting in Iraq. In my opinion the president should discharge from Iraq in 2010.

One of the most amazing things that happened during his presidency is the legalization of Marriage equality. Obama is the first president to ever support marriage equality. He did it whIle campaigning in 2012 for his second term.

Lastly, Obama is not a perfect president. He have some issues, for me issues of economics, he is like a republican. He is still corrupt. Finally, he is still better than his predecessor by a mile.

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This week in LGBT: Rest in Peace, David Bowie 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

 January 13, 2016

On Sunday evening the singer David Bowie passed away after an 18th month courageous battle with liver cancer at the age of 69. He was an amazing singer and songwriter, who popularized the genre glam rock witch a lot of gay people are enjoying. He was a talented actor as well a painter. He revolutionize rock music. 

David Bowie was a musician like no other, he used imagery and gender bending tricks in his music videos. He was not afraid to be himself. Even if his music was not considered mainstream. That is what an artist should be about. He was always for equality, in a 1980 interview he slammed MTV for not playing music by black artist.

David Bowie is one of the first persons who came out as bisexual in a playboy magazine interview In the 1970s. And one of a handful of man in show business who considered themselves as bisexual. Even if he was married twice with a woman. Some rumors though said that he and Mick Jagger were in a relationship.

David was a revolutionary, a true artist and musician. My favorite song by David Bowie was written by David and Freddie Mercury and sang by Queen Plus Dave, the song is Under Pressure. He can also act. Dave was also a philanthropist. He gave his time for many years to Live Aid a yearly concert featuring the biggest artist of the 1980’s. 100 percent of the proceeds of Live Aid was given to charity. 

Lastly, David Bowie influenced many singers and artist, like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Iggy Pop, Adam Lambert among other people. He is just am amazing artist. People may hate him because he crossed dressed. I don’t care. Finally, Rest in peace David Bowie, you really really rock. I love you and your music. You are truly a Rock God.

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Personal essay: Why I am not religious 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

 January 11, 2016


I was born into, and grow up in a moderately religious Catholic household, religion is so much a part of my life. I was confirm. But my mom who is a college professor is open minded enough, that when I told her that I do not want to go to church unless it’s Christmas Eve or Easter, she said no problem. Here are three reasons why I am not religious.

  1. It is not factual: There is a reason why religion is not science, it is just faith. Scientists do not just say things, for example, the theory of evolution; we came from apes. They need to study it, for multiple years or even decades just to say it. In religion they can just say it and then people will believe it, like Adam and Eve.
  2. The Catholic Church child molestation cases: this is really bad, the Catholic Church hid it from plain sight. Pope Benedict XVI never acknowledged that this is happening in the Church, however the current pope, Pope Francis, had apologized to the victims it did not change my thoughts on the matter. Because of their doctrine of abstinence only for their priest, because that is what they believe Jesus is, a virgin. Sex is a part of the human condition. 
  3. I am a liberal: all though I know that a lot of liberals are Christian. What I believe in does not jive with what the church think about for example marriage. I believe that if you love each other you can should be able to get married. I know that the Catholic Church will never allow marriage equality.

Lastly, I want to clear something up, I am not an atheist, I still believe in god, I still pray to God. I do not want to hear some incorrect information. finally. Where do you get your morals from, simple answer the golden rule: Do not do to others as you do not like others to do to you. It just makes perfect sense.

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This week in LGBT: What’s up with Alabama and same sex marriage 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

January 8, 2015

Marriage equality is the law of the land in America today, the Supreme Court states the fourteenth amendment section two, the equal protection and due process clause. But this week the state of Alabama said that they will not be issuing marriage licenses to gay couples: stating the tenth amendment. Is this constitutional at all.

According to the 10th amendment all laws that is not in the constitution is reserved for the states. And according to the United States constitution marriage is not one of those laws. Conservative states used the 10th amendment to their advantage, during the 1950’s and 1960’s conservative used states rights to advocate for segregation. 

But and there is a big but, according to article five, clause two of the constitution, the supremacy clause that federal law override state law. And marriage equality is the law of the land the Supreme Court had decided upon the matter. The use of the fourteenth amendment is not a bad argument, because the fourteenth amendment section two is implying that all US citizens have equal protection of the law.

Alabama is making a fool out of themselves, it will not just be a waste of money and time because the Supreme Court had decided on this already. They never learn their lesson, back then after the Supreme Court had decided on Brown vs. board of Education when George Wallace block college kids from entering the University of Alabama, shouting segregation now, segregation forever. It is wrong back then and its wrong today. 

Lastly Alabama should allow marriage equality because it is constitutional, they should honor the Supreme Court’s decision. They are really dumb if they do not. Finally, I want you to remember that George Wallace is not a good person, we look at him as a bad person, he is racist and wrong

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