Controversial: My Thoughts On Abortion


Joaquin Temedora-Forte
July 5, 2016


This is a very difficult topic to right about. And a topic that I am avoiding for a pretty long time, because its very controversial in nature. But because of the recent Supreme court ruling, I will write about the topic of abortion.

In this topic I am not your average liberal because I believe in a baby’s right to exist. But I am not like your average conservative because I understand the reason why a mom needs to have one in the first place.
So what do I believe?

We should have sex education first and for most comprehensive not just hush-hush. According to one study girls who live in a place that is liberal has smaller chance of getting pregnant, hands having an abortion. As a progressive I believe that teaching about sex to young people as in 6th graders not first graders, is not only rational but it can also save lives.

If a young woman gets pregnant, she should go see a psychologist and talk things out. And abortion should be the last result. They should talk about adoption or keeping the baby. When the pregnancy is a result of rape, then we have a very different ball game.

From a policy standpoint, I think it should be legal. According to the same study in liberal states or countries had little to non abortions because they have comprehensive sex education for example Germany. I think that banning abortions is a bad idea, because abortion will still happened either which way. As a progressive I believe that when it is rape abortion should always be legal, even after the recommended limit of twenty three weeks.

Lastly, as a progressive I totally believe that comprehensive sex education is the answer to all this things. Finally, abortion is a very contentious topic, for me to write about. and writing about this topic is making me nervous.

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