My thoughts on Prostitution

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

July 19, 2016


As a libertarian, I believe in the freedom of the people to choose their paths. No government should say to it’s people, what to do. The only job of the government is to keep people safe at all times. And also as a liberal I totally believe in a government intervention to make people safe, Not like other libertarians. My topic today is prostitution. Here’s what I think about it.

The advancements in technology make it so possible of dating apps. So that the person can come there, find your self a “date” Do your thing, pay and move on with your merry lives. That is what prostitution is. it is the ability to have sex. For all its glory without ever meeting the person again.

In principle, I believe that prostitution (like drugs and everything else) should be legal. Sex work is one of the oldest jobs look up (hoar house) is consensual sex, between two consenting adults. Morally, I do not think that you can just have sex with random people. Sex should with someone you love. So I am so torn on prostitution.

Like I said in a post in February about the golden rule. That consent makes everything okay. It can be doctor assisted suicide or stealing or even sex. It will be okay to do that you do it, as long as you do it with consent. I totally subscribe to that idea. But to be honest, sex should be reserve to people who love each other.

I totally get people who will say that prostitution should be legal,.Because specially when you look at a town outside Las Vegas, Where it is legal the town, has many legal protection for people the STD rates are very low. I see also the point of the people who says that prostitution should be illegal So I am completely and utterly torn on this topic.

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One response to “My thoughts on Prostitution

  1. I oppose prostitution on moral grounds. However, if someone wants to pursue sex work, I am not going to advocate use of the force of law to stop them.


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