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Here is why you do not Vote for Trump

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

August 16, 2016


As a progressive I believe that Donald Trump is a moron. He says things that are racist, homophobic and childish   He is such a man child. He is a bad person. I will never trust nuclear weapons  on him. And he might be  the next president of the most powerful country in the world.

At first when Donald Trump announces his candidacy I thought its a joke. His candidacy is just a way to get him more rating for the Apprentice, his reality show. But When he started climbing up the polls, I started believing in him. It is really scary.

When Donald Trump said bad things about Mexican Immigrants, that they are rapist. I said to myself he is nuts. The media just played  along, Anderson Cooper and others. This will be the president, wow. Donald Trump is like a third grader. He speaks like one.

When Donald Trump said what he said he said about muslim. I said what the heck, are you nuts. He is like a crazy person. He is differently not fit for nukes.

Trump is also a con artist. look at the whole mess that is Trump University. Trump also said all the time that I am a great businessman. I will do to america what I did to my businesses. He bankrupted all his businesses. Do you trust him, I do not. He is such a wrong person.

I do not think he will be for free speech. If that is why you are voting for him. He sued people for libel. He also has a blacklist of papers and websites that can not go to his events. What are you people thinking. Please do not vote for Trump. If you are for free speech he is the equivalent of conservatives SJW. or social justice warrior.

Lastly, When he mock that reporters disability I have lost every respect for him. because of what he did not there. as with some people would deem is a disability. duh, I am not nuts to support him.

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My message for the Bernie or Bust People

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

June 7, 2016

You may probably know about me, I am supporting Bernie Sanders for president, I adore the guy so much, he is the only person I am routing for the presidency . I also know that it is unlikely for him to win the nomination, He need almost seventy percent of the total number of delegates, And that will never happened.

Progressives has hated Hillary Clinton because she is not too progressive enough. But do you want to give Donald Trump the presidency, really people really. Donald Trump is the kind of person who you can not trust the presidency. because you can not control him and his actions or words.

Are you going to in trust Donald Trump with the nukes. I know we all hate Clinton’s rhetoric. She is not progressive enough, Though you need to not be fooled by what Trump is saying, He is just saying it to gain votes from progressives. He is a pathological liar.

So what should progressives do come election day, If you live in a deep progressive state, like New York, New Jersey or California, If you do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton, I will never oblige you to vote for her. because it will go to her anyway. But if you are in swing states like Florida, and Ohio, I urge you to vote for her.

The Supreme Court is on the line. Ginsburg is 82,  Brayer is 76 Kennedy is 76 look at the ages. This is not a joke, if Trump wins he will put people like him in place. I want you to think about this.

Lastly, please do not give the election to Donald Trump, Let us stop him from  ever winning the White House. He is a racist who I do not ever trust with the presidency of the United States.

I want to talk to you guys on twitter @joaquinwrites

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My third productions on election 2016

Joaquin Tenedora-Fotte

April 19, 2016

Today is the New York State Republican and Democratic primary, where in people can vote for the person who they want to represent to their views. In November of last year I wrote my second production on 2016 presidential election. But Now is the time to write about about what will during the general. But first my what will happen during the New York Primaries for the Republican and Democratic Parties.

I will give Donald J. Trump New York and that is base on the polling data from reputable poling institutions he is leading in his home state. I think base on gut felling John Kasich will be second because New Yorkers even if they are conservative economically but they are they reasonable when it comes to social issues so I think they will go him. dead last will be Ted Cruz.

This can be a toss up between Bernie or Hillary at their home state. I really think that Bernie Sanders have a chance to win New York. though she has more name recognition. If he wins he will have a bigger and greater chance of beating her for the Democratic Primaries. If she wins his campaign may be over.

If Donald Trump wins the Republican nominations and Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic primaries. Donald Trump will say whatever corruption strategy he can trow at he to get the presidency and it is so true.

If it is Bernie Sanders Vs Donald Trump, Trump can not use the same strategy he will use  against Clinton. Because Bernie is one of the cleanest politicians, we ever did see. This not according to me. this is according to polling data, from NBC news.

If  it is Hillary Clinton vs. Ted Cruz, I think this will not happened because he will not win because he is far gone and he is too religious for most people. Only the tea party people will vote for Ted Cruz.

Lastly, We need to rally against Donald Trump, because we do not know what on earth Trump will do. He really is a big unknown, because he do not take money from interest groups, he is on his own so to speak. But he do not know what he will do. Finally, I would like a Bernie Sanders presidency, but I can do it with Hillary.

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My second predictions on the 2016 presidential elections

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte November 12, 2015
On August this year 15 months until the election I wrote an article on this blog, stating my predictions on the 2016 elections. many things had change since then. Scott Walker withdraw his candidacy and Jeb Bush is still leading. And in the democratic side we still have five candidates now they only have three. Likewise. I will do the republican then the democratic and the general elections.

I do not think Dr Ben Carson can pull a win, no way! He will be like a Herman Cain, he is not politically intelligent. Donald Trump in the other hand I still do not he will not win the nomination. You will never know with him If he can stay on top of the survey and win Iowa and New Hampshire, then he have a great chance of winning the nomination. I also don’t think it will be Jeb Bush because he is far gone. I think it will be a Marco Rubio or a Ted Cruz because they are Latinos from Cuba, to be the first Cuban American president will be awesome for the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party on the other hand had two men and a woman standing: Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton. I think that Hillary Clinton will win the nomination, but She has this credibility problem, her emails. Sanders I want to win, but I know that he cant win because of ‘the socialist’ attach to his name. Martin O’Malley, I think he knows that this is not his time. He will run as a Vice President instead.

 If a candidate named Ran Paul from the Republican Party wins the nomination.i think the republicans have a chance, a chance to win the general elections. Otherwise it will be Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Party has a lot of what the people wants. Ran Paul is a libertarian that means he is for individual liberty.

Lastly, Of course this is just my own personal opinion. As a liberal i believe that the Democratic Party will win the election. But as we always know how election goes it’s unpredictable sometimes a Candidate is on top sometimes they are at the bottom, like Jeb Bush. Finally, who will make a good president, in my humble opinion it is a Bernie SANDERS.

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Donald Trump and the Syrian refugee crisis  

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
October 2, 2015
Wednesday evening at a campaign rally in New Hampshire, presidential candidate Donald Trump said that if he become president he will deny the Syrian refugees a place because of the terrorist group ISIS. In Donald Trump’s head all Muslims are Isis, so this got under my skin because what he said is very bigoted. 

First of all, the Republican Party is a joke of a party, as evidenced they tried to repeal Obamacare more than 50 times. They want to win presidential elections but they have no chance of winning in 2016. Donald Trump, why is he in the race, for Christ sake, he does not know what a refugee is or even worse do not care, what is difference between a refugee and immigrant is.

 First thing first, I want to say this, I do not advocate for open borders, the United States is a sovereign state, so they can define their borders. But when time of war or conflict, as the only super power they have a moral duty to take in refugees, like what is happening in Syria today. Good, that they are doing their part. Then Donald Trump has the courage to say what he said, And the crowd cheered him, Donald Trump is such a joke.

The Refugees are coming to America not to be called ISIS, they are coming their for their safety and refuge. It is no different than what happened approximately 75 years ago during World War II, where in the Jewish people were running away from Nazi Germany, America took in thousands of Jewish refugees in the process.

In my opinion, America should take a lot more people, Obama, promised ten thousand refugees, he should double or even triple that number, also he should also make them an immigrant, giving them pathway to citizenship, these people crosses boarders, and almost died. As a true “Christian nation’ America should do the right thing.      

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My first predictions on the U.S. elections 

Joachim Tenedora-Forte

     Fifteen mounts before the presidential election there had been a lot of talk about 2016. Since we are nearing the primary season. I wanted to give my first predictions about the primaries and the election, starting with the Republican Party and moving on with the Democratic Party and then the General elections.

      I don’t think Donald Trump will win the Republican Party nominations lets get that one out of the picture. I think Jeb Bush (just because of the name recognition). He will win the Republican nomination. But what I think will happen is that Trump will run as an independent candidate and that he will get a lot of the Tea Party  voters. 

    If the Vice President Joe Biden decides to run, Hillary Clinton will have a run for her money. But I don’t think that he will run. Bernie Sanders a U.S. Senator from Vermont will be her biggest problem going in to the primary season. I think that Sanders will not be able to pull a win right now, Clinton had  the edge at this point because of her popularity and her name.      

      Hilary Clinton has a big edge over Jeb Bush because of her much liberal policies both domestic and foreign. And Trump will be the third place. I believe that Clinton will win the policies: in the electoral college Clinton 346 to Bush 200 and Trump will get all the remaining points.

    Lastly, this is just my predictions. Here, this is my perfect scenario Trump will win the Republican nominations. Sanders will win the Democratic nominations. This will be a great election for the Democrats not only Bernie Sanders will become president but he will crush Donald Trump by a mile. So fun to think about this. I hope that my scenario will come true. I really want Sanders to win because of his popular policies.

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