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Why I believe in a god

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
February 12, 2016
This week I was re-watching one of my favorite documentaries on the history channel called The History of the World in two hours. You all know I am non religious but I really have a sense of believe in a god. This is because of this film. For me a god does not control the world. He almost is an absent parent who made you but he is not there.


One of the reasons why I believe in a god is how the world is so organized. The thing Is that how organized space is . When the Big Bang happened and the stars formed and died, the stars creates minerals, like gold and silver, like that. The stars died and millions of years later we came it was all here. People say that people who are non religious do not find amazement in the world, no. that is simply not true, I find amazement every single day.

It is so amazing to me that the fuel I use every day came from fossil fuel that came from the dinosaurs. It is amazing to me how the world had oxygen that we breath. It amazed me every day that even if the space is a harsh place our planet is still here. It amazed me every day that even though everything that happened to us that we are standing loud and clear.

For me God is a god of every and any religion. Not a Christian God or Allah or a Jewish god or Buddha. For me God is everywhere, not just in your bedroom or in pictures or churches. People should be able to use their religion as a way to unite people not to divide. 

Finally, people should be able to believe what ever they want when ever you want. Do you, also for me the only thing that I will ask from people is that you should respectful of people’s religious rights and non religiously.

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Heaven  or hospital: The right to die 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte

November 6, 2015

I was watching CNN’s Anderson Cooper show on Tuesday night and there is one story that resonated with me. It is about a little girl with a rare life threatening disorder, and if she got a cold will definitely kill her. Her parents ask her if the four year old girl wants to go to heaven or the hospital. Her response was she wants to go to heaven. The parents decision to let her choose though is very controversial because of the age of their daughter. 

In 2014, a young woman named Britney Maynard contracted a inoperable malignant brain tumor. And her doctors told her that her condition will worsen to the point that will affect her quality of life. She opted for the right to die. But there is a problem there is no law in the state of California, there is no doctor assisted suicide. She moved to Oregon where there is such laws. Months after her death, her home state of California passed a law that will give people the right to die.

 As you probably know about me is that I believe in secular humanism, so I often side with the progressives. I am for marriage equality and a lot of liberal values. There are only one or two topics that I am conflicted on. This is one of those topics because I believe that a person has a right to choose their paths. But I also believe that a person lives is so precious, and that it is unnatural to end your own life.

In the case of that young girl. I would say thIs she is way too young to even go to school. She is unable to decide whether or not to die. Kids can pick up parents cues, when the parents secretly wants the kid to go, the kid will say that she wants to go.

In the case of Britney Maynard, she is at the legal age, she can decide and is very sick that she will die in the next months anyway. So she should be able to do physician assisted suicide.

Finally, I believe in a limited government involvement, and there is no topic that is more intimate than choosing whether or not to die in the face of.a horrible situation. Lastly I would say that we should regulate this issue.

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Op-Ed: The Nature of Homosexuality 

Joaquin Tenedora-ForteOctober 27, 2015

There are no more controversial topics than the issue of the nature of homosexuality. But one thing is for certain sexuality is innate and natural, shutting down the idea by the psychologist Freud, that the sexuality is caused by nurture, the idea that gay men grow up having overbearing mothers and distant fathers, is absurd now to say the least. 

No more than eight to ten percent of the population are gay, such a small number that since gay people do not bare their own children (until recently), research shows that gay people exist cross culturally, no matter what race or class. In this Article i will be talking about gay males. in my article next week I will be looking on what makes lesbians.

The more older brothers the boy have the more likelihood that he will be homosexual or bisexual. According to Michael Bailey an American psychology professor. It’s a big contrast on how people perceive that issue, in the past they thought that being gay is cause by playing with girls, more prominently the Sisters. When a mother have a son her body is allergic to the XY chromosome, and when she have multiple sons her body becomes much more relaxed therefore giving birth to a much feminine son. 

There is one study about on epigenetics that states homosexuality is cause by a Genetic mutation that makes people to be gay. For example, a person has a sibling or cousin that is gay and then have a son who is not gay there for his grandson have a much bigger likelihood to be gay. There for being gay is innate.

One study on identical twins shows if one twin is gay the other one have a 75 percent chance of being gay. It is a strong suggestion that being gay is genetic and innate. In the older brother effect theory if the older brother is a half brother with the father, like the general population of people they have a two percent chance of being gay.

The significance of the studies is that it disproved many people who say that homosexuality is a learn behavior and could be change. And therefore should not be afforded the same rights like marriage and non discrimination. But Religion is a choice and that we do not discriminate base on religious beliefs.

Lastly, being gay is not a choice. People who say that being gay is choice are gay who are repressing their feelings. Finally, being gay is a normal and natural human behavior. 

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Edward Snowden and The NSA spying program 

By Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

October 23, 2015

In the first CNN democratic debate the moderator CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked the candidates a simple question. The question is, Is Edward Snowden a hero. Edward Snowden of course is this employee from the National security agency. Who after obtaining some ‘classified documents went to Hong Kong and talk to journalists about how the US government is violating people’s right to privacy, hens the US fourth amendment​


According to American Bill of Rights the 4th amendment protects from unwanted searches by the government. When the US government was ask about Snowden the government said that Snowden is a traitor and should be back in the country. The US government is violating its own laws. The NSA is doing some unconstitutional stuff. The government is saying that it is for your own good. Wow, you are spying on people from around the world.

The Republican Party is not a Conservative party. A conservative do not want a government involvement with their personal lives. The NSA spying program is the best example of why the Republican Party, I do consider as authoritarian party. Spying really, of course it is unconstitutional. It is in the 4th amendment.  

To answer the question I post on the title, Edward Snowden I think is an American hero, and should be given by president Obama a amnesty. It is so obvious that illegal what the NSA, is doing, it is unconstitutional. The NSA is spying on people and should be removed from the US government, Period. To be honest I do not know what the fuzz is about.

Finally, while I want Edward Snowden out of hiding to face the law that they say he broke. (the espionage act). I understand why he can not come back, because of the judgement he might face in the process. Lastly, Conservatives will often talk about ‘standing up for American principles’, this is what that means.

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An unjust law is no law at all: I will fight for civil rights

Joachim Tenedora- Forte

        ‘Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ Martin Luther King jr. once said. I really admire Dr. King, I want to be a lawyer not only for my self but most importantly for the legacy of Dr. King. When I say legacy I don’t think speeches but the person behind. I think of how Dr King and how he won against atrocities thru out his life.

         Since I was very little, I have a really good sense of fairness and justice. I remember a guy is in jail for 15 years, killed a girl. And he was pardon by our president, I remembered my social studies teacher said that the president got it wrong. I said to my self it’s not right. I know that this man was guilty. But I really feel like he needed a second chance, and I believe that people don’t think that way for him. So I did not say anything.

      In 2009, I knew my first gay person, American idol finalists Adam Lambert, I supported the gay community in my country. But didn’t supported marriage equality. I suppose I’m too young to even understand what marriage meant.
       2013 I understood the Windsor case. Where in a lesbian couple one of the woman died, the other one was ordered to pay 300 thousand in taxes that if her wife was a man the widow will not pay that much in property taxes. I realized that gay marriage is and should be a right.

     if I were born during the 60s I would probably be a supporter of the black community. I would probably be in the crowds in the March on Washington. It’s just that I was in the gay rights era, so supported gay rights. I want to become a lawyer to fight for people’s rights like one of my heroes Evan Wolfson.

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Iraq war created more enemies 

By Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
     As we all know America has been in combat in Iraq for almost 12 years, killed millions and cost billions Which they have created ISIS. Yes, When you killed people you obviously creates people that are otherwise neutral on America to become jihadist. 

   The Iraq War first contention was that then president Saddam Hossain was responsible in attacks on 9/11. Wasn’t the case, why will Saddam do a crime he would be blame, that was not true. The second idea was Saddam owned nuclear weapons they will used it against America, Not true ether. Third Argument was that they have was that Saddam is a bad dictator, this is partly true. It’s non of America’s business to go to Iraq and take over. 

    America just created more problems, when the “leave” in 2009 they left created more problems, Iraq is depressing, the buildings are destroyed, and lives are lost. The only way that the people in Iraq could deal with the pain is to fight and they did. ISIS is a group gaining traction in the Iraq and Syria in early 2013, that is more brutal in Alquida. America panic, they decided to bring back the troops, which I think it patheti

   America is a greedy county who only think of there selves. Because Iraq has oil, they want that oil even if they do things that are bad, they will do things. They always scream about Jesus, while Jesus is about peace and pacifism. they are doing the opposite.

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