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My personal thoughts: Drug Legalization  

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
December 9, 2015

As my favorite YouTuber Will Shepherd of shep689 disclosed that he is using medical marijuana, he is using it to combat his anxiety due to having PTSD. It got me thinking about Marijuana and the use of the drug. According to the FDA, marijuana is a scheduled one substance, is highly addictive and has no medicinal value, or is it.

As a true social libertarian, I am in favor of legalizing or at least decriminalizing all drugs. Because I believe that as long as it is illegal, people want to try drugs. A historic perspective the prohibition of alcohol in America is a prime example when you ban people, people will want it even more, it is human nature.

Legalizing drugs will lead to fewer crimes, fewer black men will get arrested. (The majority of people arrested for drug crimes are young men of color). as I discuss in a previous blog that, whites and blacks do drugs at the same rate but blacks are arrested more. Furthermore the drug cartels will not have any control on drugs. 

The biggest benefits of legalizing drugs is the money from taxing and regulating a said drug. In Colorado in the years leading up to the legalization of marijuana, the state have a net loss but after the drug being legal, the state saw a big jump in revenue, same as in Washington state.

People do not even see that marijuana is very helpful for people who have no hope with traditional medicine, like children who have epilepsy. People who have mental illness need a help from marijuana because marijuana has fewer nasty side effects. People (especially conservatives) can you stop being ignorant about this topic.

Lastly. Every drug should be legal, tax and regulated. People should not be hypocritical about drugs. For sure you take drugs like caffeine or alcohol, it is no different than marijuana.

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Racism Wednesday; Isalamaphobia in America

Joaquin Tenedora Forte

September 23, 2015

In recent news, a 14 year old boy in Texas, named Ahmed Mohammed was arested in school, for bringing what his teachers thought was a time bomb, but it is a simple clock. The problem is Ahmed is a black Muslim American, he was put in jail for 14 hours until his parents came and get him. After he was released support for Ahmed pored in.

 Two days after the CNN Republican debates, presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that Muslims should not run for president. Angering many progressives and liberals in the process, who are saying he should drop his bid for the White House. And at a Donald Trump rally a man told Trump, that president Obama “isn’t an American and probably is a Muslim”. It keep me wondering about the state of Isalamaphobia in America. 

The problem is America was attacked in the attacks on September 11, 2001, by Al Quida, a fundamentalist Muslim group. Naturally America was frightened, the government began spying on its Muslim population. People are fearful, fearful of its own brothers and sisters. America never thought about people, people who are Americans citizens. The September 11 attacks change America forever.

After the attacks on 9-11, there have been a surge in violence towards Arab Americams. Edward Snowden a former employee of the national security agency who leacks to journalist Glen Greenworld about the agency spying on people’s phone conversations, that most of the people that they spyed on are Arab Americans, Arab American who are not not even contented a terrorist group.

America should be not a simpleton, it does not that people who attack the country, all Muslims are not like that. The perfect example is Ahmed Mohammed, Ahmed a 14 year boy, he is no terrorist. Lastly, to the people who is saying that Obama is not a Christian, yes he is a Christinan and his father is an athirst. 

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Racism Wednesday: The #BlackLivesMatter movement

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri last year brings a lot of anger to the black community. There are some rioting, looting and arresting. The protesters are shouting “hands up, don’t shoot.” Many protestors are peaceful, some are not. The most prominent group is the #BlackLivesMatter movememt.

Black Lives Matter is a mostly online organization, that sparked after the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, Martin an unarmed 17 year old who was killed by George Zimmerman a subdivision security guard, and later was aquitted. And garner more popularity during the deaths of Michael Brown, 18 (an unarmed African American teenager who was shot by a police officer for marijuana possession) and Eric Garner, 43 (who was chokehold to death by a police officer for selling cigarettes in New York with out a permit.) The police officer in Both cases are not charged.

For conservatives, like Bill O’Rilly of Fox News the movement is a terrorist organization and a hate group, who is coming to get them, i.e white people. For progressives the movement is necessary for the advancement of race relations in the country. The truth is the movement is a movement for equality and equal rights for all.

I need to address what happened to Bernie Sanders in a protest rally in August of this year. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that will help the #BlackLivesMatter movement in America. Sanders a true progressive he will be able to keep the policies that the movement want and needed. 

Lastly, the black community in America, is an oppress minority, that is the truth about them. People especially conservatives need to understand the fact that people are dying because of police brutality in America and most of them are young blackman.  

Photos curtecy of Google photos  

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What is like in the Down Low: being gay and black in America 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte    

 Five time NBA champion and three time MVP Earvin “Magic” Johnson said in an interview with CNNs Anderson Cooper that he love and supports his son EJ Johnson who is gay. But for the most of the black community being a member of the LGBT community especially being a gay man is unacceptable. 

A big majority of the older black gay community lives in the ‘ down low. But what is the down low? The term down low means when a person is posing as heterosexual in his public life but in his private life is as gay as can be. These people have a wife and kids that they are lying to. In their private life’s are going to massage parlors or to bath houses to sewers their sexual needs.
The problem with people in the down low is the torment of being gay and not being honest about their Selves and not protecting themselves. The biggest percentage HIV infections in America are Man who have sex with other man but not identifying as gay, this group of people are having sex with out protection, that is condoms. 

Religion plays a big part on why many black people are in the Down Low., Black Protestant churches are more conservatives specially in the southern United States. A part of that is also the culture of being gay in America, is being gay. Being Gay is just for white people. Gay black men is particularly hard because of the Dobble minority complex.  

In any culture, but specially black community being a gay man is so hard because of the expectation of the family and the of community. Furthermore, Black families are tightnit as if they bitraing their families. Finally, being gay is not a choice, being in the down low is. 

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Racism in America: Segregation 

Joachim Tenedora-Forte

After the civil war, During reconstruction, America build facilities like schools, offices and public transportation to acomodate black people. But it became apparent so quickly that this is not the right thing to do. In today’s piece I want to look back on America second sin segregation and the aftermath that is felt in America until today.

We are all created equal with inalienaable rights, this according to the founding father Tomas Jefferson. But in America, sadly this is not true. After they did slavery. America did not just free it’s slaves instead did Jim Craw and Segregation. How come separate is equal? I was really outrage that people back then are treated as literal second class citizens in their own country. I am talking of course about the truth that America treats its black citizens with a certain look.

In Plessy v. Ferguson 1898 were the defendant Homer Plessy was 1/8 black, was arrested after sitting in a train cart that was set up for white people. In the Supreme Court the consensus was that separate is equal. It will take more than 50 years to correct Plessy, In the landmark Supreme Court case Brown Vs. Bord of Education of Topika Kansas. In his opinion Chief Justice Earl Warren said that separate is inherently not equal. 

Till this day it is very apparent that the effects of the literal racism that happened 60 years still ligers. Look at the police brutality that is happening in different cities in America today. Where in black people especially young Black man was targeted by police for little to non.

Lastly, people should accept the fact that in America that there is still racism. Though it’s so sutle, it really exist. If and only If people actually accept that can we talk real solutions to the problem that is overt racism. 

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What’s up with Donald Trump and anchor babies

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
 In a recent interview with CNN host Chris Cuomo, Donald Trump angered liberals and progressives, when he said that All undocumented immigrants and their American citizen kids should be kick out of the United States. Wow, he is out of touch with the grater public. Republicans have no idea who they wanted as president, he is this racist, ignorant and bigoted person.  
America is a country always replenish by immigrants. Immigrants like Donald Trump’s patronal grandparents. White people came and went to the United States thru Ellis island during the potato famine of the 1840’s Until World War II in the 1940’s. He clearly does not know history. Because Americas immigrants are not predominately white, he and other people are fearful and uncertain of Americas future. Thats why they are acting like that.   
What is an anchor baby? An anchor baby is a child that is born to immigrant parents. Born in the U.S. they are automatically citizens of the Country. The term is offensive though, because of the fact that the parents of those people who are born in the Country will wait decades to be given citizenship.

The constitution states in the fourteenth amendment section one that all citizens that is born in the United States is automatically citizen of the country and states that which they reside on. It will be nearly Impossible to amended the constitution. And need to have a constitutional convention you will need 2/3 votes of both House of Representatives and the senate and then. 3/4 of the states . (judging by how the U.S. Politics is now and how partisan it is. It will be a miracle)
Lastly, people should vote wisely, because people’s rights are so much at risk because of your vote. Don’t let a person like Donald Trump win the elections. I have nothing against the guy but judging by what he is saying. He is not a states man, how can you let him run, America.   

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