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Guys I am Back!! The Philippine Drug War

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

August 9, 2016

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You may probably know about me I am a big libertarian, a libertarian believes in the free will of a person even if that ‘will’ take people to do horrible things to themselves. To be perfectly clear here, I am not advocating for people doing horrible things to other people. So there is no surprise that I disagree with the Philippine drug war and any and every drug war.

For me one way to see this is to end the drug war. I hate to say this the drug war is just a way for police officials to kill people.

In Portugal they decriminalise all drugs. At first the conservatives in the country do not agree with decriminalisation but what happened astonish them . decriminalisation worked not only that they have fewer crimes, they have fewer drug users.

I know some people will say that in the case of the Philippines, It is not possible because of its colonial past. I will not go into that, it is a different story for a different day.

Drugs is one of those things, that should not be illegal in the first place. Some drugs like crystal meth {shabu} is really bad for you. But Marijuana, really? When you use drugs in moderation, you are not doing any wrong.

Did you know that the number one cause of substance related crimes is alcohol. So are they advocating for the prohibition of alcohol. No, because it does not work. When you make some thing illegal people will want that thing ten times more, that is human nature.  Look, It have been a failure in the United States.

Lastly,The drug war does not and will not work ever, even if you crack down in every one who uses drugs. Just legalise it because you can not crack down every one.

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How liberals and conservatives thinks of morality 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

January 4, 2016

If you have been reading this blog you will notice that I am a big liberal, at least socially. I had been asking my self why am I liberal. And what are the difference between a conservative and a liberal in their morals. So that I can better understand people who are conservative. 

Conservatives are more traditional in their nature. They are more sex negative. They are more concerned with tradition than actual people’s lives. Conservative people are least open minded, specially for people who are different and weird, like LGBT people, they are not very much for drug legalization. They are more likely to be uber religious. 

There is this thing called Libertarians, a libertarian is pretty much a high breed between a conservative and a liberal. They are mostly conservatives but in some issues like drug legalizations. For me a libertarian person is better than a conservative person. Just because they a libertarian believes in the principle of do what ever you want to do, unless you are hurting some buddy else.

A liberal values fairness over tradition. They are more likely to believe in people’s right. People who are liberals believe in gay rights in abortion, in drug legalization. They tend to be more giving and less judging to the poor and the needy. Liberals tend to believe in the truth, in the issue of climate change they believe that climate change is a real thing and evolution is a thing. There is a value on being liberal, because liberals tends to be more honest.

Lastly, people are so hung up with the labels that they are using. Humans are humans. Get over with the labels and we should be humans. Labels are dumb if we are generalizing, like Conservatives are dumb, because there are conservatives who are intelligent and liberals that are dumb.

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My personal thoughts: Drug Legalization  

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
December 9, 2015

As my favorite YouTuber Will Shepherd of shep689 disclosed that he is using medical marijuana, he is using it to combat his anxiety due to having PTSD. It got me thinking about Marijuana and the use of the drug. According to the FDA, marijuana is a scheduled one substance, is highly addictive and has no medicinal value, or is it.

As a true social libertarian, I am in favor of legalizing or at least decriminalizing all drugs. Because I believe that as long as it is illegal, people want to try drugs. A historic perspective the prohibition of alcohol in America is a prime example when you ban people, people will want it even more, it is human nature.

Legalizing drugs will lead to fewer crimes, fewer black men will get arrested. (The majority of people arrested for drug crimes are young men of color). as I discuss in a previous blog that, whites and blacks do drugs at the same rate but blacks are arrested more. Furthermore the drug cartels will not have any control on drugs. 

The biggest benefits of legalizing drugs is the money from taxing and regulating a said drug. In Colorado in the years leading up to the legalization of marijuana, the state have a net loss but after the drug being legal, the state saw a big jump in revenue, same as in Washington state.

People do not even see that marijuana is very helpful for people who have no hope with traditional medicine, like children who have epilepsy. People who have mental illness need a help from marijuana because marijuana has fewer nasty side effects. People (especially conservatives) can you stop being ignorant about this topic.

Lastly. Every drug should be legal, tax and regulated. People should not be hypocritical about drugs. For sure you take drugs like caffeine or alcohol, it is no different than marijuana.

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The drug war: the war on black man

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
        In August of 2014 a young man name Michael Brown was shot and killed by Darren Willson a police officer in Ferguson Missouri. They are supposed to arrest Brown but instead shot him while facing backwards.

           Why are they arresting Michael Brown in the first place. Because he was perceive to possessed Marijuana. In the U.S. marijuana is a scheduled one substance according to the FDA. It meant that has no medicinal value, and is extremely addictive.  

    Since the 1930’s in America there have been some regulation on drugs. The start of the bias towards minority groups. it was offensive as white Protestant kids didn’t do drugs. Until the 1960’s when the hippy culture came along where in people are doing LSD and things like that. Parents are freak out and outrage.

     Like in the 1920’s when the mafia was so much in control of the alcohol consumption in the U.S. Now it’s the Mexican drug cartel that is so much in control of the drugs. America should and needed to decriminalize drugs. If it’s decriminalize or legalize, look at all the kids that can get a college degree out of the revenue from taxes, just saying.

      Blacks and whites do drugs at the exact same rate. But blacks are four times more likely to get arrested by the police. Because of drugs, black neighborhoods are police more. Black kids are more Likely to be orphans by this kind of system.

       Conservatives will often moan about family, and the idea of a father and a mother . But continuing with the war on drugs is way will destroy ideas of the family. America needs to legalize drugs it’s the only way to end the cartel, beat blatant racism and lastly to protect the family.     


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