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Here is why you do not Vote for Trump

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

August 16, 2016


As a progressive I believe that Donald Trump is a moron. He says things that are racist, homophobic and childish   He is such a man child. He is a bad person. I will never trust nuclear weapons  on him. And he might be  the next president of the most powerful country in the world.

At first when Donald Trump announces his candidacy I thought its a joke. His candidacy is just a way to get him more rating for the Apprentice, his reality show. But When he started climbing up the polls, I started believing in him. It is really scary.

When Donald Trump said bad things about Mexican Immigrants, that they are rapist. I said to myself he is nuts. The media just played  along, Anderson Cooper and others. This will be the president, wow. Donald Trump is like a third grader. He speaks like one.

When Donald Trump said what he said he said about muslim. I said what the heck, are you nuts. He is like a crazy person. He is differently not fit for nukes.

Trump is also a con artist. look at the whole mess that is Trump University. Trump also said all the time that I am a great businessman. I will do to america what I did to my businesses. He bankrupted all his businesses. Do you trust him, I do not. He is such a wrong person.

I do not think he will be for free speech. If that is why you are voting for him. He sued people for libel. He also has a blacklist of papers and websites that can not go to his events. What are you people thinking. Please do not vote for Trump. If you are for free speech he is the equivalent of conservatives SJW. or social justice warrior.

Lastly, When he mock that reporters disability I have lost every respect for him. because of what he did not there. as with some people would deem is a disability. duh, I am not nuts to support him.


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My first predictions on the U.S. elections 

Joachim Tenedora-Forte

     Fifteen mounts before the presidential election there had been a lot of talk about 2016. Since we are nearing the primary season. I wanted to give my first predictions about the primaries and the election, starting with the Republican Party and moving on with the Democratic Party and then the General elections.

      I don’t think Donald Trump will win the Republican Party nominations lets get that one out of the picture. I think Jeb Bush (just because of the name recognition). He will win the Republican nomination. But what I think will happen is that Trump will run as an independent candidate and that he will get a lot of the Tea Party  voters. 

    If the Vice President Joe Biden decides to run, Hillary Clinton will have a run for her money. But I don’t think that he will run. Bernie Sanders a U.S. Senator from Vermont will be her biggest problem going in to the primary season. I think that Sanders will not be able to pull a win right now, Clinton had  the edge at this point because of her popularity and her name.      

      Hilary Clinton has a big edge over Jeb Bush because of her much liberal policies both domestic and foreign. And Trump will be the third place. I believe that Clinton will win the policies: in the electoral college Clinton 346 to Bush 200 and Trump will get all the remaining points.

    Lastly, this is just my predictions. Here, this is my perfect scenario Trump will win the Republican nominations. Sanders will win the Democratic nominations. This will be a great election for the Democrats not only Bernie Sanders will become president but he will crush Donald Trump by a mile. So fun to think about this. I hope that my scenario will come true. I really want Sanders to win because of his popular policies.

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