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Controversial: My Thoughts On Abortion


Joaquin Temedora-Forte
July 5, 2016


This is a very difficult topic to right about. And a topic that I am avoiding for a pretty long time, because its very controversial in nature. But because of the recent Supreme court ruling, I will write about the topic of abortion.

In this topic I am not your average liberal because I believe in a baby’s right to exist. But I am not like your average conservative because I understand the reason why a mom needs to have one in the first place.
So what do I believe?

We should have sex education first and for most comprehensive not just hush-hush. According to one study girls who live in a place that is liberal has smaller chance of getting pregnant, hands having an abortion. As a progressive I believe that teaching about sex to young people as in 6th graders not first graders, is not only rational but it can also save lives.

If a young woman gets pregnant, she should go see a psychologist and talk things out. And abortion should be the last result. They should talk about adoption or keeping the baby. When the pregnancy is a result of rape, then we have a very different ball game.

From a policy standpoint, I think it should be legal. According to the same study in liberal states or countries had little to non abortions because they have comprehensive sex education for example Germany. I think that banning abortions is a bad idea, because abortion will still happened either which way. As a progressive I believe that when it is rape abortion should always be legal, even after the recommended limit of twenty three weeks.

Lastly, as a progressive I totally believe that comprehensive sex education is the answer to all this things. Finally, abortion is a very contentious topic, for me to write about. and writing about this topic is making me nervous.


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My thoughts on the Catholic Church 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
 February 3, 2016

Warning: this is a rant and this is my opinion and my opinion alone

As you probably know by reading my why I am not religious post, I was born and raised in the Catholic Church. I was baptized and confirm as a Catholic. I am not religious. But I believe in a god. I think that being in church do harm than good. I will not criticize the Catholic doctrine but their practices within the Catholic Church.

There is a wide spread corruption within the Catholic Church since the beginning of the church. There are church’s that are not built and even if they are it takes a long time. Why are Catholic Church school’s not free, it should be, they have billions of dollars of cash and millions more in vestments and memorabilia from the fourteen to the sixteenth century. 

In 2011, there is this horrible story coming from Ireland, there is this woman who had a toxic pregnancy. She wanted an abortion. Since Ireland is a predominantly catholic country, the lady wasn’t given an abortion She and her ended up dying days later, leaving her husband and young child behind. 

I want to talk about the big elephant in the room, the sex abuse scandal. This is I think because of the massive rejection of sex within the Catholic Church. Because they have the belief that Jesus was celibate. Look, if you suppressed your natural sexual urges then, you will have people that behind closed doors are doing sinful things. The problem is when young children are raped by priests. Then we have a crime. 

Lastly, for me one of the biggest turn offs of the Catholic Church is their treatment of homosexuality and divorce. As a gay rights activist, I believe in the rights for people to get married weather, gay or straight. I still love the Catholic culture. I just do not want to hear some people, priest speak about questionable things. 


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Being pro choice is actually pro life

Joachim Tenedora-Forte

       In a recent study done in the United States, that stated that in the state of Colorado. They lowered the teen abortion rate. by giving out contraceptive pills to young disadvantage teens. In Finland the legal abortion rate is lower than the rest of the world. The most liberal places in the world has the lowest legal abortion rate. But why?

    In the United States the highest legal abortion rate is the state of New York. It may surprise me but this is not the full picture. Because in conservative America like Kentucky or North Dakota, were there been of no access to abortion teen pregnancy rate in this places is the highest in the country

    The teen abortion rate in conservatives states is higher because the teen pregnancy rate is higher. In fact states that have abstinence education only had the highest teen pregnancy rate. Abstinence only education don’t work because kids will be kids and they will explore sex.

         In fact in Colorado they ditch the abstinence only sex education. And begin the program, And after 5 years is one of the lowest abortion rates of all of the U.S. Furthermore the STD rate had been down in Colorado. The state is so smart to do that, even if the conservatives didn’t like. giving contraceptive pills to teenagers. 

       Abortion is one of the most guttural topics in America. As It should be. We are talking a of potential human life there. But we should understand young teen age kids will explore their world. They must have a right to choose weather or not they want abortion, within the viability time. Lastly conservatives should not make a big deal out of sex and having sex. And they should know that they can’t get the best of both worlds.

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