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Special: Reacting to what pope Francis said on marriage and the family

Joaquin Tenedora-ForteSeptember 25, 2015
I was watching the pope, he gave a speech at the White House yesterday morning, he touched an issue that in my opinion he should not touch while in America (where in 60% of Catholics are in favor of marriage equality. He in essence said that we need to protect the marriage and the family. I was obviously upset, here is my reaction on what he said.

First of all, I want to say that the pope said very good things on immigration, climate change economics, specially capitalism and religious freedom which I agree with him on what he said. Pope Francis in the issue of marriage equality though said that people should upheld the institution of marriage and the family. And for some one who supports LGBT rights, I am really pleased off.

The Pope should watch YouTube videos of gay vloggers, Depfox (gay family values) which is two gay fathers Jay and Bryan and their two adopted kids, Daniel and Selina. Or shep689 Will and RJ, two young men doing their best two stay positive through the ups and downs of life. Nothing could change people’s minds than seeing gay people in action. And seeing how normal, happy and boring the gay lifestyle is.

Gay people unlike some straight people who is not ready to have kids, gay people obviously do not have necessary parts to have kids they should plan everything first to adopt or to have surrogacy, so they love their kids, beyond belief. Plus the pope brush aside that traditional marriage according to the bible is polygamy, one man many wives, is the pope in favor of that, obviously not.


 Jesus teaches the importance of love and loving thy neighbors, understanding our differences. Finally, we are all gods children, and we should love respect and accept diversity.

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