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What is like being a liberal in a conservative part of the world

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
        What you don’t know about me is I am big liberal. It is really hard for me to see Conservatives as good people I see them as bad people. I need to remind my see that I am living in the Philippines (one of the most conservative places in the world) it sometimes hard. 

       I am a big secular humanist, so I often believe in human rights. As a person who is in the part of the neurodiverse community and who is sometimes look down upon. You need a lot of empathy. The game of “what If” is being played every time and it’s been likewise very rewarding. 

         I really believe that gay people have a right to get married, Undocumented people in America and all around the world shouldn’t be called illegal aliens, I hate the term because its very inaccurate and wrong and woman had a right to there bodies until a curtain point. But what I still believe in a limited government involvement. 

    It sometimes feels like I am so out of place in my own country. I love the Philippines but I still can’t believe that the country has gotten to far in terms of its social operation of minority gropes, in a poll done by Rapper News 68% of Filipinos thinks that homosexuality is immoral. What the heck. You can help being gay or transgender and it’s not a choice that they had made from them selves. It’s hard wired in them, as if they choose, one day OMG I want guys, or I am a guy OMG I am a girl instead no that’s not how it goes.

     One thing that saddens me everyday is how society thinks of divorce, divorce is one touchy subject in this country as If it prevents people from separating duh you are just preventing some one from getting married duh. People are in the wrong side of history in this country. I know that we should value conservatism but valuing conservatism doesn’t mean that we should infringe on other people’s lives. 

   Lastly, I know that Filipinos are so religious, please don’t use the bible as a way to hate use it as a why to understand why other people think or act the why that the they do. Putting your foot on other people’s shoes. And be Christ like. Jesus Christ understands, loves, cares. 

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