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Heaven  or hospital: The right to die 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte

November 6, 2015

I was watching CNN’s Anderson Cooper show on Tuesday night and there is one story that resonated with me. It is about a little girl with a rare life threatening disorder, and if she got a cold will definitely kill her. Her parents ask her if the four year old girl wants to go to heaven or the hospital. Her response was she wants to go to heaven. The parents decision to let her choose though is very controversial because of the age of their daughter. 

In 2014, a young woman named Britney Maynard contracted a inoperable malignant brain tumor. And her doctors told her that her condition will worsen to the point that will affect her quality of life. She opted for the right to die. But there is a problem there is no law in the state of California, there is no doctor assisted suicide. She moved to Oregon where there is such laws. Months after her death, her home state of California passed a law that will give people the right to die.

 As you probably know about me is that I believe in secular humanism, so I often side with the progressives. I am for marriage equality and a lot of liberal values. There are only one or two topics that I am conflicted on. This is one of those topics because I believe that a person has a right to choose their paths. But I also believe that a person lives is so precious, and that it is unnatural to end your own life.

In the case of that young girl. I would say thIs she is way too young to even go to school. She is unable to decide whether or not to die. Kids can pick up parents cues, when the parents secretly wants the kid to go, the kid will say that she wants to go.

In the case of Britney Maynard, she is at the legal age, she can decide and is very sick that she will die in the next months anyway. So she should be able to do physician assisted suicide.

Finally, I believe in a limited government involvement, and there is no topic that is more intimate than choosing whether or not to die in the face of.a horrible situation. Lastly I would say that we should regulate this issue.

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Special: The importance of Marriage

 Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

October 21, 2015

The institution of marriage is one of the most important things in the world. Marriage is the binding force of the family, the family is the basic unit of a government. Naturally there are certain laws in place to protect marriage and the family respectively. Since the US Supreme Court said that marriage is a basic human right, for gay and Straight people alike. In this article I will list four of the most important rights that are being denied to unmarried couples.

The ability to choose your next of keen- When you are a young and healthy individual, you will not consider this. But when dying at your death bed, unable to speak, you will see this come to life. Your husband or wife are your default next of keen. Not only for inheritance rights but also deciding on your behalf. You are saying like, step aside brothers and sisters he/she will take care of me.

The ability to petition your partner from another country- I believe that the person you love should be with you in the same bed at night. But before the Supreme Court said that DOMA sign by Bill Clinton in to law is unconstitutional. People could not petition the love of their to live America.

Inheritance rights- Before marriage, gay people have no right with their partners estate. They are literally strangers under the law because of that reality some gay people did extreme measures adoption. Adoption so that they will have a legal relationship.

Spousal benefits- before marriage equality people have no right to health, tax, social security and many more, in fact their are a thousand benefits that before marriage is out of reach for the LGBT community.

Lastly, marriage should be about love and commitment, not the sex of the persons involved. The couple should be able to love the person till death to they part. Finally, marriage is a fundamental human right because love is a foundational Hunan experience.

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The history of the LGBT movement in America 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
        On Friday June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States that said that the ban of gay marriage in America is unconstitutional. In a five to four decision the high court ruled in favor of James Obergefell sighting the fourteenth amendment; to the equal protection under the law. Today Let us reflect on the history of the wonderful and beautiful LGBT movement in the United States.

       In 1957, a 33 year old Frank Kemeny who was from fired as an astronomer because he was gay, he protest near the White House saying equal rights for homosexuals. (In the 1950’s it is illegal to be gay in America,) setting the tone for the modern Gay Rights movement. 

        In the 1960s there have been a rise of activism in the U.S. for black Americans. But in June 1969 there have been a raid at a bar in New York’s The unrest at the Stonewall inn happen this month 46 years ago, sends a signal to America that the gays are people too and you can’t do that to them.

         The 1970’s saw a lot of activism, gay activism, Specially in the San Francisco Bay Area. By 1977 a 40 year old openly gay man named Harvey Milk ran for office, and won. But by November of the next year Milk was assassinated by Dan White a former city supervisor. The out cry of the gay community in San Fransisco was vast, the anger they felt was huge. 


harvy milk

        In the 1980’s fueled by the death of Harvey Milk the activism continues for the LGBT community. But by the mid 1980’s there have been massive deaths in the community. It was cause by unprotected sex, it was AIDS. It meant that people are dying and vulnerable, partners, aren’t allowed by the families to be in their partners bedside during their dying hours. 

       By 1989 27 year old journalist and gay activists from England Andrew Sullivan argue for same sex marriage. He got laughs from the gay community, the idea is too new to the community. Sullivan is diagnosed with HIV two years later.

       A new administration came in 1993 the democratic president Bill Clinton gives a new hope, a new hope for LGBT Americans but aside from the medications for AIDS. President Clinton is hostile to the idea of Same Sex Marriage, and letting gay people to serve openly in the military, so he sign the Defense of Marriage Act the will not recognize gay marriages at the federal level. And the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell which prevents gay people from serving in the military openly.


      The new millennium came and just one state with civil unions, Vermont, in 1998 a men is arrested for sodomy, John Lawrence. Lawrence and his partner are making out, when a neighbor saw them, he called 9-1-1, the two guys were arrested accused of sodomy. In Texas sodomy is a crime so they put the two men in jail. But the two men fought. And in 2003 it reaches the Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision the court said that all sodomy laws are unconstitutional, basically reversing Boweers vs hardwick in 1986.

        Since sodomy is declared unconstitutional in 2003. The next year, in 2004 Massachusetts became the first state to have same sex marriage. That same year President Bush ran in anti gay campaign. Gay marriage is in the standstill. In 2009 gay marriage became legal in two different states Iowa and Vermont. (California is different because in 2008 they legalize but due to prop 8, it was stopped. the Supreme Court in 2013 decided it was unconstitutional.)      

Personal stories

            Edith and her partner Thea Spyre were married in Toronto Canada on 2007 on their fourteenth year together They were residents of New York so live there. but by 2009 Thea died. Because they are not married under the federal government, they are strangers. Edie needed to pay more than three hundred thousand dollars in estate taxes. So she fought for the right to marriage, it went to the federal court then the Supreme Court Which in 5 to 4 decision she won.

     James Obergefell and John Arthur were married in the airport of Maryland in 2013. John Arthur was diagnosed with ALS two years earlier, and died in their home state of Ohio. The problem becomes because Ohio don’t recognize gay marriages they can’t put Jim on John’s death certificate. Jim fought and it was a hard fight and in the 5-4 decision marriage was given in 50 states of the Union.
       50 years since Frank Kemeny was first fired from his job. 46 years since stonewall, 35 years since Harvey Milk ran for office. 27 years since AIDS first break out. 19 years since president Clinton sign DOMA. 12 years since Lawrence vs Texas. 11 years since Massachusetts. 5 years since Thea Spyre died. 2 years since DOMA was replied We are here. on June 26 2015 the Supreme Court said that love and liberty wins.





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