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Happy Pride Month

Pride special: History of LGBT Pride

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte


June 2, 2016


As we probably know this month, the month of June is LGBT pride month the month when we celebrate LGBT history. And this month I will be writing about the pillars of the Gay Liberation movement.

The term Gay Pride came about in the 1940s and 1950’s where in at this point LGBT people are shame. The  gay movement did some annual remainder during the 4th of July celebrations.’

In 1968 the father of the gay rights movement Frank Kamhney, after doing the white house picketing for years, he created a slogan gay is good, pattern after black is beautiful.

The biggest straggle is with the police, for years they made life harder for LGBT people in the 1950’s and 60’s. By 1969 the LGBT community was fed up by police raids, another pivotal thing in New York Greenwich Village happened. LGBT people of all walks of life came together that faithful June early morning to protest the police brutality.

less than a year after the Stonewall riots on November 2, 1969 Craig Rodwell propose that the pride march will be held in New York instead of in Philadelphia like they normally do until that point,  the LGBT community organise a ‘rally’ like the one they used to do, in New York Greenwich village. It was set on June of the next year. The organisers were surprise at the worm welcome by the bystanders at the parade.

Year after year the cities that celebrate pride grow, the first cities to adopt include San Francisco and Chicago. By the year 2000 former President Bill Clinton recognise the LGBT movement in a proclamation. As of today LGBT pride is celebrated in every continent of the globe.

As we celebrate LGBT pride month, we should remember people, people who fought for the freedom to be you.

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LGBT Monday: A Year For Equality, A Year To Remember 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

December 28, 2015

On June 26, 2015, the moment gay rights activists in America have been waiting for, the culmination of decades of labor and love. The fight for equal marriage is finally here. It came when the US Supreme Court decided on Obergafell v. Hudges. Justice Anthony Kennedy states that marriage is a foundational institution of such huge importance.

    Looking back on the marriage fight, I am so amazed that young gay people do not know about their own history, they are growing up in an environment that accept and loves them. But back in the dark ages of marriage inequality, there are people who died fighting for the right to be with someone that they love, equal hospital visits, tax benefits and equal families. Like in the Obergafell case were in the spouse dies, the surviving one, wanted to be listed the spouse.

Young people do not even realize that only a generation ago, gay people are getting arrested for being them selves. People today do not even realize that in many countries around the world, it is Illegal to be gay, it is even punishable by death. In America’s biggest friend in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. America should do it with out Saudi, They really suck.

America has won on one of its biggest fronts ever. Is this the end of the story, off course it is not. There are a lot of things to be done. Like demolishing this so called religious freedom restoration act that some conservative states put down after their states recognizes marriage. And also the passage of the federal non-discrimination act because you can gay married on Sunday and be out of work on Monday.

 Lastly, as I said earlier the fight is not over. People need to keep it in check because if you do not be careful. If you have like president Rubio or Bush or Cruz, they can still do a marriage amendment that will prohibit. As their Last effort to derail EQUALITY.

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Special: The importance of Marriage

 Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

October 21, 2015

The institution of marriage is one of the most important things in the world. Marriage is the binding force of the family, the family is the basic unit of a government. Naturally there are certain laws in place to protect marriage and the family respectively. Since the US Supreme Court said that marriage is a basic human right, for gay and Straight people alike. In this article I will list four of the most important rights that are being denied to unmarried couples.

The ability to choose your next of keen- When you are a young and healthy individual, you will not consider this. But when dying at your death bed, unable to speak, you will see this come to life. Your husband or wife are your default next of keen. Not only for inheritance rights but also deciding on your behalf. You are saying like, step aside brothers and sisters he/she will take care of me.

The ability to petition your partner from another country- I believe that the person you love should be with you in the same bed at night. But before the Supreme Court said that DOMA sign by Bill Clinton in to law is unconstitutional. People could not petition the love of their to live America.

Inheritance rights- Before marriage, gay people have no right with their partners estate. They are literally strangers under the law because of that reality some gay people did extreme measures adoption. Adoption so that they will have a legal relationship.

Spousal benefits- before marriage equality people have no right to health, tax, social security and many more, in fact their are a thousand benefits that before marriage is out of reach for the LGBT community.

Lastly, marriage should be about love and commitment, not the sex of the persons involved. The couple should be able to love the person till death to they part. Finally, marriage is a fundamental human right because love is a foundational Hunan experience.

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The opposition of the Catholic Church to gay marriage

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte       

 It’s a common knowledge that the Catholic Church is not fond of the idea of gay people marrying. But in a poll by Pew Research, that said that 60 percent of American Catholics are in favor of marriage equality. And the pope, pope Francis said ‘who am I to judge’ gay people’. But why is the catholic doctrine opposed to the idea of gay marriage.
Of course, we all know that the bible is against gay marriage or gay sex in that manner. But Catholics take a more moderate position in the issue of gayness, specially American Catholics, look at the survey at the beginning of this piece. For most catholic folks, people don’t choose to be gay. 
According to Catholic doctrine, sex is a reserve ritual that two people who are married do, to pro create. In short sex is only for having babies. But we all know, that having sex is not only for two people to have children. Sex is also for the bond and intimacy. 
In the logic of the Catholic Church gay people can’t get married because they cannot have kids of their own. In the mind of people who are opposed to gay marriage It is okey to be gay but you need to practice celibacy.

There are a lot of problems with that argument, for example women who for what ever reason cannot be pregnant. And people, older people, post menopause women cannot have children. The Catholic Church has no problem officiating weddings for women who are post menopause and for women who cannot get pregnant. They have a big problem officiating weddings with gay men and lesbians.

 marriage is not only about having sex. It is also the bond that two people hold. There are certain rights and responsibilities under the law that are attach to marriage. Finally, the Catholic Church should respect the decision of a country to have gay marriages. 

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Religious freedom: America and religion 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte 
       In the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution that states the country should be neutral on the issue of religion. That President Tomas Jefferson confirms, in a letter to a Baptist church in Connecticut. But this is not implemented as well as I wanted to. In seven different states there are laws in the books that said that atheist, cannot run for office. Though it is not enforceable because of the fourteenth amendment, supremacy clause. 


      Seventy six percent of America are Christians. All of American presidents are Christian. They are not persecuted in the country. How can people like, Pat Robertson say that American Christians is under attack. Christians is not under attack. People like Pat Robertson are attacking minority groups, like gays and racial minorities.
        America is the riches religious country in the world. Religion brings war and terrorism, Like what happened in the civil war. were in white people in the South said that their religious freedom states that we can keep our slaves. It took the civil war to change law. The bible backs slavery and segregation and the hating of gay people.

     It’s in the best interest of America to be secular. And not to have a state religion. Because there are many people who are not Christians, some people are Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish and some people are non religious, and the country should respect that. By having a state sanctioned religion, the government will be able to crack down on other secs, that they do not agree upon.

    Lastly, the United States government is not a church, it is a secular institution, they should make no law protecting a religious sec. And all laws should be secular. For example In the issue of gay marriage, If a church do not want to marry someone who is gay because of religious reasons, they don’t need to, but the country should protect gay marriages. 

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Gay parenting: the Jay and Bryan Leffew story….

Joachim Tenedora-Forte 
        In a recent study done in the university of Oregon that said that children who are raised in a gay household is no less secured and loved than kids who are living with a traditional household. This study is a consolidation of decades long studies on the ‘modern family. In today’s article I want you to meet a wonderful and beautiful real life ‘modern’ family, from Northern California, the Leffew’s, Jay and Bryan and their two beautiful kids Daniel 15 and Selina 10.

     When I first watch Jay and Bryan’s YouTube Channel, (Gay Family Values) I am not sure what to think of them and their family. But now I know that this family is like any other family in America, they eat out, they play and most importantly they love each other. I know I can’t convince conservatives who are set in their believes in what a family should look like. But I am here to tell you that their family is as nice of a family as a traditional family is.
    In the mid 1990s Jay Foxworthy is a San Francisco police officer who met his spouse Bryan Leffew thru a mutual friend. The two began dating months later. In the mid 2000s they decided to began the adoption process. They were so open about the fact that they wanted kids, no matter whether or not they have a disability or the race of the kids. 
        When they met their future kids Daniel who has some medical issues due to his mothers drug use while he is in the womb. And his younger sister Selina, Bryan was a little weary of Daniel because he have some major issues. But Jay felt something special, that they are their kids. But before they adopted Daniel and Selina they needed to be foster parents first. Six months later they finalize the adoption. 
       They rush to marry as soon as they can in 2008. The same year they started their activism because of Proposition 8 in California where the voters stop marriage equality. The Leffew’s posted YouTube videos almost every week during this time. They posted videos of how normal and happy their family is. They created Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving videos. Everyday stuff like tying Selina’s hair and the first day of schools, changing hearts and minds in the process.


   Before I know them I am not for gay parenting because I thought it’s unnatural. But now thanks to the internet, the Leffew’s change my minds about the importance of marriage equality and gay families. I want to thank Jay and Bryan for letting me write about them in my blog it’s so much a pleasure.

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