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Racism Wednesday; Isalamaphobia in America

Joaquin Tenedora Forte

September 23, 2015

In recent news, a 14 year old boy in Texas, named Ahmed Mohammed was arested in school, for bringing what his teachers thought was a time bomb, but it is a simple clock. The problem is Ahmed is a black Muslim American, he was put in jail for 14 hours until his parents came and get him. After he was released support for Ahmed pored in.

 Two days after the CNN Republican debates, presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that Muslims should not run for president. Angering many progressives and liberals in the process, who are saying he should drop his bid for the White House. And at a Donald Trump rally a man told Trump, that president Obama “isn’t an American and probably is a Muslim”. It keep me wondering about the state of Isalamaphobia in America. 

The problem is America was attacked in the attacks on September 11, 2001, by Al Quida, a fundamentalist Muslim group. Naturally America was frightened, the government began spying on its Muslim population. People are fearful, fearful of its own brothers and sisters. America never thought about people, people who are Americans citizens. The September 11 attacks change America forever.

After the attacks on 9-11, there have been a surge in violence towards Arab Americams. Edward Snowden a former employee of the national security agency who leacks to journalist Glen Greenworld about the agency spying on people’s phone conversations, that most of the people that they spyed on are Arab Americans, Arab American who are not not even contented a terrorist group.

America should be not a simpleton, it does not that people who attack the country, all Muslims are not like that. The perfect example is Ahmed Mohammed, Ahmed a 14 year boy, he is no terrorist. Lastly, to the people who is saying that Obama is not a Christian, yes he is a Christinan and his father is an athirst. 


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