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Have a happy safe Independence Day America

 Independence in the context of LGBT rights

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

       Tomorrow is already 4th of July, U.S. Independence Day. It doesn’t mean fireworks and barbecues. It meant freedom. And the American Experience. Immigration and the American Dream. America is worth fighting for. Because..

    Last week, in the historic decision the Supreme Court said that gay marriage is a fundamental right it shouldn’t be denied. But while it was a momentous event but the fight is not over. Marriage is not the end of all the civil rights for the LGBT community. Although you can get married in all 50 states, but you can be fired in 30 or more states. So America should fix that too. 

   One of the untold story of the LGBT community is immigration, people in American now have marriage equality other countries don’t, since the Philippines or China or these Central American countries don’t even want to recognize gay marriages. The problem becomes when people want to petition their partners from other countries, they can’t because they are strangers in their laws back home.   

      The biggest disappointment in the community is HIV. People thought that after they got the medicine for AIDS, that people will just take the medicine and there will be no deaths due to AIDS. Today people are still dying. The biggest concentration are young black and Latino men, unlike the infections of the past, this young men of color came from conservative households where in people don’t teach their young how to adequately deal with unprotected sex.

       Independence Day mean that people who are young don’t even know what sacrifices that people need to do in order to for them to be happy and its okey: Happy 4th of July 


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