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Special: Pope Francis supports Kim Davis?

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

September 30, 2015
In his visit to America last week, the leader of one billion Catholics in the world, the Pope, Pope Francis. Spoke to congress he talked about climate change, helping the poor, abortion among other things. He also talked about Immigration (he said that he is a son of immigrants). and the Syrian Refugee crisis. There is one thing that got in my skin that the pope said, this is about Kim Davis the county clerk from Kentucky, who refused to give out marriage licenses to gay people.

I agree with the pope on so many issues like climate change, immigration, the Syrian Refugee crisis and helping the poor, abortion (to a certain point), and him being an example of what a good person is. But what he said about marriage especially the Kim Davis controversy, got in my skin.

Kim Davis a Kentucky county clerk who refused to give out marriage licenses to gay people. It is illegal what she did, because she is a representative of the state of Kentucky. Kentucky is a state of the United States. Federal law trumps your religious freedom. So she should obey the law of the land, that simple. 

The Pope when ask by a reporter on the way back to the Vatican said that people like Mrs. Davis have a right to refuse gay people marriage licenses. No, he is flat out wrong, what the pope should have said is this, I may not agree or she might not agree, with the state but the Supreme Court already decided on the issue, she should obey by what the law is. That is a more diplomatic response. 

Lastly, the progressives should remember that Pope Francis is the leader of a church. And being the leader of the Catholic Church he needed to obey by the church orders. Finally, I as a Catholic, want to like Pope Francis, If stuff like this keeps on happening I can’t like him as enthusiastically as I probably can.


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LGBT Monday: Kim Davis is no Martin Luther King jr. She is more like Bull Conner 

 Joaquin Tenedora Forte
If you follow the news this days, especially LGBT news blogs, you will recognize Kim Davis. Kim Davis is this woman who do not want to give out marrage licenses to all couples, not just LGBT couples in Kentucky because of her religious beliefs. Mind you she is married and divorced three different times. I would not mind the most hipocritical things about her and her life.

On June 26 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States in the grounds of the 14th Amendment. equal protection and due process clause: decided that the right to same sex marriage should not be denied. On June 29, Monday, the problems began when people like Kim Davis denied marriage licenses to people of the same gender because of their religious beliefs.

The problem is that it is illegal what she is doing because she is a representative of the state. The law of the land states that Marriage is a fondimental Hunan right. And even if she have a right to her own religious beliefs according to the first amendment religious freedom clause she need to put her beliefs in her sleeves. If She do not want to give out same sex marriage licenses, she should resign herself. She is violating the court order. It’s just right that she was jailed.
After she got out of jail, Presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee join Kim Davis on stage protesting her sentence, comparing her to all sorts of activist and president Abraham Lincoln, Rossa Parks and the great Martin Luther King jr. I believe the absurdity of governor Huckabee here, he is really dumb.

Lastly, I want to say this Kim Davis wants to be remembered as a civil rights hero. But she will not be, the trend is moving towards a liberal outcome. Finally Kim Davis is not Martin Luther King jr. She is more like Bull Conner (the governor who blocked the door of an elementary school during desegregation.)

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