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This week in LGBT: the dangers of a Republican President

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte January 20, 2016

This summer the Supreme Court of the United States in a landmark decision gave full civil marriage rights to gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals. Now, as we know Election Day is in November. If a republican wins the biggest challenge is how are we going to protect our rights as individuals, what do I mean by that?

As we all know the Republican Party is a Conservative party, they are hostile to the LGBT community. Not a single person running for president in the Republican Party is for marriage equality, not one. Wow, even Ran Paul a libertarian. And everyone is not in favor of work place protections. I am very sicken by how these people can say or do that.

People should be aware that marriage equality can be repealed. By doing a constitutional amendment. And also a catch 22 the justices that decided on the marriage ban are old. I think that justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan are the youngest. And the rest is in their 70’s and Justice Ginsburg is 82. If a republican wins and there is challenge on marriage equality, the president appoints the Justices, all our successes will vanish in thin air.

One more thing, The Equality Act a law protecting LGBT’s from workplace discrimination, is never going to pass in a republican controlled house of representatives, senate, White House and Supreme Court. Transgendered people in particular will not be able to thrive, they will further become a second class citizen. 

Lastly, young people specially need to register and vote that is the only way that we can combat homophobia in the macro level, guys, my final word is this, this fight is not over, there are still some things that should be done. People should be able top think a head and we should win this fight.

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LGBT Monday: You can get married on Sunday but get fired on Monday 

Joaquin Tenedora Forte 

November  2, 2015

After the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on marriage equality last June, the phrase “You can get gay married on Sunday and get gay fired on Monday” become more popular. This is very sad but true in 30 or more states because of the Supreme Court ruling you are allowed to get married but get Fired the very next day.

 According to the 14th amendment section II the equal protection clause, states that you have equal rights. Granting that when they write the provision the ratifiers are not thinking of gay people. But the constitution is a living document it evolves with the times. According, to one poll, 70 percent of Americans thinks that discrimination against gay people is unlawful, but in reality it is far from the truth.

The opponents of a federal non discrimination bill often states the religious freedom clause of the constitution i.e the first amendment. The fact is that Christians are not an oppressed group of people. Like in Indiana, there is a law that pass this year the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The law is a slippery slope though because the bible can also be use to discriminate on everything not just gay people,

Marriage is not the end of the fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ community in America. There are a lot still to be done, like employment and housing non discrimination bill. In most states there are still no laws banning discrimination against LGBT people. Transgender people can not still be included in the military. (Trans folks can also serve in the military). Is that equality?

Finally, discrimination is bad and wrong. We should not discriminate against people base on an innate trait that we can not change. People are gay as they are straight. We should not deny people human rights. Lastly we have the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It should not be deny.

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