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The drug war: the war on black man

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
        In August of 2014 a young man name Michael Brown was shot and killed by Darren Willson a police officer in Ferguson Missouri. They are supposed to arrest Brown but instead shot him while facing backwards.

           Why are they arresting Michael Brown in the first place. Because he was perceive to possessed Marijuana. In the U.S. marijuana is a scheduled one substance according to the FDA. It meant that has no medicinal value, and is extremely addictive.  

    Since the 1930’s in America there have been some regulation on drugs. The start of the bias towards minority groups. it was offensive as white Protestant kids didn’t do drugs. Until the 1960’s when the hippy culture came along where in people are doing LSD and things like that. Parents are freak out and outrage.

     Like in the 1920’s when the mafia was so much in control of the alcohol consumption in the U.S. Now it’s the Mexican drug cartel that is so much in control of the drugs. America should and needed to decriminalize drugs. If it’s decriminalize or legalize, look at all the kids that can get a college degree out of the revenue from taxes, just saying.

      Blacks and whites do drugs at the exact same rate. But blacks are four times more likely to get arrested by the police. Because of drugs, black neighborhoods are police more. Black kids are more Likely to be orphans by this kind of system.

       Conservatives will often moan about family, and the idea of a father and a mother . But continuing with the war on drugs is way will destroy ideas of the family. America needs to legalize drugs it’s the only way to end the cartel, beat blatant racism and lastly to protect the family.     



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