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Guys I am Back!! The Philippine Drug War

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

August 9, 2016

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You may probably know about me I am a big libertarian, a libertarian believes in the free will of a person even if that ‘will’ take people to do horrible things to themselves. To be perfectly clear here, I am not advocating for people doing horrible things to other people. So there is no surprise that I disagree with the Philippine drug war and any and every drug war.

For me one way to see this is to end the drug war. I hate to say this the drug war is just a way for police officials to kill people.

In Portugal they decriminalise all drugs. At first the conservatives in the country do not agree with decriminalisation but what happened astonish them . decriminalisation worked not only that they have fewer crimes, they have fewer drug users.

I know some people will say that in the case of the Philippines, It is not possible because of its colonial past. I will not go into that, it is a different story for a different day.

Drugs is one of those things, that should not be illegal in the first place. Some drugs like crystal meth {shabu} is really bad for you. But Marijuana, really? When you use drugs in moderation, you are not doing any wrong.

Did you know that the number one cause of substance related crimes is alcohol. So are they advocating for the prohibition of alcohol. No, because it does not work. When you make some thing illegal people will want that thing ten times more, that is human nature.  Look, It have been a failure in the United States.

Lastly,The drug war does not and will not work ever, even if you crack down in every one who uses drugs. Just legalise it because you can not crack down every one.

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We are on a spectrum

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

June 30,2016


This week my mom was watching Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho a Philippine magazine show, and there is this couple, who are deaf, who looks so cute. My mom made a comment about the guy and and told me: Oh he is X-gay. As a LGBT rights activist. I said to myself, NO he is not, he is just bisexual.

This person is not gay, he maybe bisexual or even straight. Not all cross dressers are gay. Gender expression is different than sexual orientation, its in different sides of our brains. You can be a heterosexual person who likes wearing clothing that are for girls from time to time. And furthermore their are gay men who have nothing to do with girl clothes.

As we all probably know their is this thing called the Kinsey Scale of Sexuality. It was created in 1948 by an American Psychologist name Alfred Kinsey. It was very revolutionary though because back in the 1940’s being not heterosexual is a crime.

The Kinsey scale is from zero which is exclusively heterosexual, to six which is exclusively homosexual. Kinsey notice that most of the people in his study are somewhere in between. And that a little over ten percent are exclusively homosexual. And that you can not change your sexuality.

So why does this person identify as gay, if he is bi or even straight. This person is who he says he is. If you came from a small town with no access to the internet. You may not know about being bisexual. Gender Identity is different than sexual orientation. As I stated earlier, People who like to wear dresses does not equate to being gay.

Lastly, being LGBT is not a choice, that you made, being LGBT is inborn. And no one can change people sexual orientation, its like just being straight.

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An unjust law is no law at all: I will fight for civil rights

Joachim Tenedora- Forte

        ‘Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ Martin Luther King jr. once said. I really admire Dr. King, I want to be a lawyer not only for my self but most importantly for the legacy of Dr. King. When I say legacy I don’t think speeches but the person behind. I think of how Dr King and how he won against atrocities thru out his life.

         Since I was very little, I have a really good sense of fairness and justice. I remember a guy is in jail for 15 years, killed a girl. And he was pardon by our president, I remembered my social studies teacher said that the president got it wrong. I said to my self it’s not right. I know that this man was guilty. But I really feel like he needed a second chance, and I believe that people don’t think that way for him. So I did not say anything.

      In 2009, I knew my first gay person, American idol finalists Adam Lambert, I supported the gay community in my country. But didn’t supported marriage equality. I suppose I’m too young to even understand what marriage meant.
       2013 I understood the Windsor case. Where in a lesbian couple one of the woman died, the other one was ordered to pay 300 thousand in taxes that if her wife was a man the widow will not pay that much in property taxes. I realized that gay marriage is and should be a right.

     if I were born during the 60s I would probably be a supporter of the black community. I would probably be in the crowds in the March on Washington. It’s just that I was in the gay rights era, so supported gay rights. I want to become a lawyer to fight for people’s rights like one of my heroes Evan Wolfson.

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