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Racism Wednesday: The #BlackLivesMatter movement

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri last year brings a lot of anger to the black community. There are some rioting, looting and arresting. The protesters are shouting “hands up, don’t shoot.” Many protestors are peaceful, some are not. The most prominent group is the #BlackLivesMatter movememt.

Black Lives Matter is a mostly online organization, that sparked after the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, Martin an unarmed 17 year old who was killed by George Zimmerman a subdivision security guard, and later was aquitted. And garner more popularity during the deaths of Michael Brown, 18 (an unarmed African American teenager who was shot by a police officer for marijuana possession) and Eric Garner, 43 (who was chokehold to death by a police officer for selling cigarettes in New York with out a permit.) The police officer in Both cases are not charged.

For conservatives, like Bill O’Rilly of Fox News the movement is a terrorist organization and a hate group, who is coming to get them, i.e white people. For progressives the movement is necessary for the advancement of race relations in the country. The truth is the movement is a movement for equality and equal rights for all.

I need to address what happened to Bernie Sanders in a protest rally in August of this year. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that will help the #BlackLivesMatter movement in America. Sanders a true progressive he will be able to keep the policies that the movement want and needed. 

Lastly, the black community in America, is an oppress minority, that is the truth about them. People especially conservatives need to understand the fact that people are dying because of police brutality in America and most of them are young blackman.  

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