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Second Amendment: Hidden History

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

June 21, 2016


Last week america had an incident,the worst mass shooting in its history and the worst terrorist attack since September 11, 2001. In Orlando Florida,  in a LGBT night club. Naturally people blame the second amendment and america’s lacks gun laws in this incident. In todays blog we are talking about the hidden history of the gun amendment also known as the second amendment.

I did not know this I just heard this on Kyle Kulinski’s show Secular Talk a radio show on the internet last week. He mention that the second amendment is use to preserve slavery. Wow. I can not get that out of my mind. Obviously I rush to the internet and research the history of this amendment, to my surprise Kyle is right.

So why is it that they put “a well regulated  militia necessary for a free state” instead of for a free country, the founders are aware of that though. (Please check out the 10th amendment) because the needed to preserve slavery to get Virginia to join the union, America needed to compromise, because Virginia is a slave state.

The line where there is the right of the people to keep and bare arms is use, to the people of the militia or slave patrol, it did not say individual. In the these states their’s slave patrol so you need guns. The slave owner wants to make sure that that there slaves are in check. Do not tell me that it says individual because it does not.

What the supreme court on the case District of Columbia vs Heller is wrong, because people do not have a right to buy guns. The justices give the gun lobby namely the NRA more power than it deserves. You have no right according to James Madison to a weapon of mass distraction.

Lastly, people died in an elementary school,  in a high school, in universities, in a movie theatre, a church, in a work place, now the latest is in a night club. Is this added to Americas great traditions.

Finally, What the heck! america. Please stop with all the shootings. Let us think of people that died, guys. To the senators who voted NO to basically stoping a shooting like this from ever happening again: YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.`

My source:The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

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My interview with Kyle Kulinski 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

January 1, 2016

On February of last year I interviewed Kyle Kulinski for my first blog, American P&P. He is a radio host from New York City who has a YouTube channel Secular Talk. A liberal radio show that is a part of The Young Turks Network. Kyle said in his podcast Kyle and Corin that he will do interviews with people I jump in and said that I want to do an interview about News and politics and he agreed. I love this man, I hope you enjoy my very first interview.

1. I know you are opposed to US involvement in Iraq, but as a Filipino they are such great help , what do you think of the US involvement in the Philippines?
As far as worldwide military intervention goes, my standard is basically non-intervenion. I fully reject all offensive wars, and would only use the military to defend against imminent attack against the U.S. homeland. The only exception to this standard is to stop a genocide. In the case of a genocide, I would go through the UN, NATO, and the US Congress for approval, and after getting it would only act with the international community also aiding in the fight. For any other humanitarian intervention or aid to other countries, I would be in favor, but to a minimal degree. these issues would have to go through the congress though, and they would have to determine how much aid we give, and where we give it to.

2. What do you want on immigration reform in America? 
I prefer full amnesty for all undocumented immigrants currently in the country and assimilated. However, after granting blanket amnesty I’d be in favor of fairly strict rules and regulations and border protection to prevent increased flow.

3. What do you think of pope Francis?
Pope Francis is basically as good as it’s gonna get in terms of a religious figure who advocates for peace. He’s done great things to help the poor, the homeless, the hungry etc. I think he means well and he’s trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. As far as disagreements, he supports exorcisms and wasn’t very strong on the issue of free speech. But like I said I don’t think I’ll ever 100% agree with a religious figure so he’s likely as close as it’ll get.
4. Who is your favorite US politician and why?

My favorite U.S. politician is probably either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren… As far as I can tell they’re basically 80-90% in agreement with my politics. Bernie is great because he’s really passionate about fighting for the middle class and ending the pseud-oligarchy in the U.S. and Liz is great because she has mainstream appeal and she’s still very progressive.
5. I know you love the NBA, who do you think will win the NBA championship this year?

Tough question. The Warriors are great but their style of play may not lead to playoff victories. I’ll say either the Hawks or the Mavericks. This is the most up in the air year though for the NBA because so many teams are great, there’s no clear favorite.
Thanks, Kyle 
Happy Happy New Year

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