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Reacting to Will Shepherd’s PTSD video

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
June 23, 2016


I have been meaning to write this article/letter since last week. But Because of what happen in Orlando. I delay it. Will Shepherd had been a huge part of my life for the last year. He and his spouse RJ thought me that fighting for gay rights is the right thing to do. Will has PTSD and will be suffering from a mental illness for his entire life. This is my letter of appreciation to Will.
Dear Will,

First of all, I want to say that I have daily vlogs withdrawal for a month now, haha. But I know that you are at a better place right now. Because of your PTSD you may have a hard time vlogging. I know that this is the right thing to do for you.

You and RJ have shared bits and pieces of your mental health journey in the daily vlogs. But we (your viewers) did not know how much you suffer in the hands of somebody who supposed to love and protect you.

The PTSD video is so powerful and painful at the same time. I applaud your honesty in the video. I may not have PTSD, but I know that the abuse that you encountered is no joke. The people who new must protect you. The person who did it should go to prison.

Will, Your a such a strong person. Many people might say, screw it I am not dealing with this I will not excel at school or worse I will just take my own life, no one cares if I die.But with you, you own your happiness, that is what is great about you.

I just want to thank you for what you did, the video for me is one of the best I ever seen in a long while. Also for the daily vlogs. You thought me to be brave and to own my happiness.

Send my love to RJ


PS, You should really change your last name to Aguiar

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Happy Birthday Will Shepherd

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 

January 6, 2016

As you probably know that I love a YouTubers Shep689, specially Will Shepherd. And today is Will’s birthday so I want to do some sort of tribute for him. Will is such an amazing, smart young man. He and his fiancé RJ are getting married May of this year. I want to write Will’s life story. Note: this is what I know only.

William Ross Shepherd was born in Tallahassee Florida on January 6, 1989, to your average American family. He has an older brother named Bob who is 8 years older than him. As a young boy Will did not want to do normal country stuff like playing sports, He only preferred to play video games and trade Pokemon cards with friends. It alienate him with his father who thought that it was strange.

Will’s life at school has not been different. He was a great student but he was also greatly bullied, the kids were being violent at him, pushing him around, this was especially evident at the school bus where he will receive some of the worst touting. It was really rough for him. 

In high school at the aged of. 14, he came out of the closet to his friends the bullying stopped instantly. He graduated in the top of his class. He entered Florida State University majoring in mathematics and Statistics. And there he met RJ In the LGBT youth center at campus. 

Will was out to his mom since he was 16, but his father did not know. His father wanted Will to come join him at his job. At his resume states he is volunteering at the LGBT youth center. His father began asking questions, they have a big fight about it and become the last straw to break down his parents marriage.

 Lastly, Despite all this that happened to him as a young child, he is a positive young person. That is why I love him. Finally, I want to say this, happy birthday Will, best wishes on the wedding

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The Trevor Project 

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte December 14, 2015

 Last weekend I was watching a livestream event on the internet because one of my favorite YouTubers RJ from shep689 is hosting it. For this thing called Trevor live is a charity red carpet event, by the Trevor project. I heard of Trevor project back then, but I did not know the story behind the charity, so like a Intelligent person does I research it. 

In 1998 the short dramedy film on HBO called Trevor, premiers. It is about a teenager named Trevor who attempted suicide after his friends rejected him after coming out as gay. The film won academy awards for best short film the same year. The people behind the film want to do a hotline for LGBT people but there Is no suicide hotlines back then. They decided to create a hotline from the proceeds of the film.

 The first years since the Trevor Hotline started had been a success. The hotline is reaching thousands of youth across the United States. There have been local chapters of the Trevor HotLine. Celebrities started to take notice, like comedian Ellen, Kathy Griffin, and newscaster Anderson Cooper and plenty more. In 2009 they receive a big check from Daniel Radcliffe. In 2011 YouTube megastar Tyler Oakley did a found racer for the Trevor Project. He race five hundred thousand for his birthday.

The Trevor Project is not just only a hotline anymore, it had expanded, it has a social media site Trevor Space a safe space for LGBT Youth and their allies. Trevor Chat an online forum for non suicidal youth to talk to people about everything. And Trevor Live an annual one day live red carpet event/found racers for the good cost that is the Trevor Project.

Lastly, the Trevor Project saves countless lives, we should support this charity. Finally, if you are planning to take your own life: call 1800 for u Trevor and please do not take your life because your life is so precious.  

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My personal thoughts: Drug Legalization  

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte 
December 9, 2015

As my favorite YouTuber Will Shepherd of shep689 disclosed that he is using medical marijuana, he is using it to combat his anxiety due to having PTSD. It got me thinking about Marijuana and the use of the drug. According to the FDA, marijuana is a scheduled one substance, is highly addictive and has no medicinal value, or is it.

As a true social libertarian, I am in favor of legalizing or at least decriminalizing all drugs. Because I believe that as long as it is illegal, people want to try drugs. A historic perspective the prohibition of alcohol in America is a prime example when you ban people, people will want it even more, it is human nature.

Legalizing drugs will lead to fewer crimes, fewer black men will get arrested. (The majority of people arrested for drug crimes are young men of color). as I discuss in a previous blog that, whites and blacks do drugs at the same rate but blacks are arrested more. Furthermore the drug cartels will not have any control on drugs. 

The biggest benefits of legalizing drugs is the money from taxing and regulating a said drug. In Colorado in the years leading up to the legalization of marijuana, the state have a net loss but after the drug being legal, the state saw a big jump in revenue, same as in Washington state.

People do not even see that marijuana is very helpful for people who have no hope with traditional medicine, like children who have epilepsy. People who have mental illness need a help from marijuana because marijuana has fewer nasty side effects. People (especially conservatives) can you stop being ignorant about this topic.

Lastly. Every drug should be legal, tax and regulated. People should not be hypocritical about drugs. For sure you take drugs like caffeine or alcohol, it is no different than marijuana.

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LGBT Monday: Shep689, the Will Shepherd and RJ Aguiar story

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

September 28, 2015

There are people from time to time that will change your perspective on life, more than you expected. I know they do not know who I am, but I know them, and they rock. YouTube stars Will and RJ from the Channel shep689, I love this guys so much, that they change how I felt about LGBT issues, I feel good defending the rights of gay people because of them.


Growing up in rural Florida, William Ross Shepherd was a smart kid, who did not fit the mold of a country boy. He loves reading books and playing video games. He was being violently bullied by classmates and schoolmates, coming home to a father that did not understood him. Will kept to himself and study harder and graduated third on his class. Coming out as gay to people at the aged of 14, the bullying stopped instantly.

Will’s fiancé Ricardo Aguiar Jr or RJ, was born in Tampa Florida, a son of two Cuban immigrants, RJ learn to speak a mixture of English and Spanish. He was also bullied as a young boy because he wore thick glasses and he also have a sensory processing disorder. 

Will and RJ met while volunteering at the LGBT student group on campus at Florida State University (FSU). There was a big problem RJ identified as straight, but is a bisexual man. 

They began seeing each other, the same time as they are first seeing each other. Will was starting up his YouTube channel, (shep689.) where he posted some videos from time to time. By January 2012 they started posting daily videos. They only intended to do the vlogs for one month. They also thought that it will kill their channel. Boy were they wrong, they shared intimate parts of their relationship, their engagement, them moving to Los Angeles and their mental health struggles. Will has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.) due to the bullying that he encountered growing up. 

Their life challenges like when RJ was arrested. On February 15, 2014 while partying their friends headlock Will, Will reacted by fighting back, RJ joined the fight and RJ was arrested. As a result of the incident, it prompted Will to stop drinking alcohol. They push back like a good couple does. 

 Finally, Will and RJ are my inspiration because they set a good example on young people who have mental health issues. I love them so much and can not wait that they get married on May of the next year. I hope them the best, thru the next chapter of their life’s.

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Special: Reacting to what pope Francis said on marriage and the family

Joaquin Tenedora-ForteSeptember 25, 2015
I was watching the pope, he gave a speech at the White House yesterday morning, he touched an issue that in my opinion he should not touch while in America (where in 60% of Catholics are in favor of marriage equality. He in essence said that we need to protect the marriage and the family. I was obviously upset, here is my reaction on what he said.

First of all, I want to say that the pope said very good things on immigration, climate change economics, specially capitalism and religious freedom which I agree with him on what he said. Pope Francis in the issue of marriage equality though said that people should upheld the institution of marriage and the family. And for some one who supports LGBT rights, I am really pleased off.

The Pope should watch YouTube videos of gay vloggers, Depfox (gay family values) which is two gay fathers Jay and Bryan and their two adopted kids, Daniel and Selina. Or shep689 Will and RJ, two young men doing their best two stay positive through the ups and downs of life. Nothing could change people’s minds than seeing gay people in action. And seeing how normal, happy and boring the gay lifestyle is.

Gay people unlike some straight people who is not ready to have kids, gay people obviously do not have necessary parts to have kids they should plan everything first to adopt or to have surrogacy, so they love their kids, beyond belief. Plus the pope brush aside that traditional marriage according to the bible is polygamy, one man many wives, is the pope in favor of that, obviously not.


 Jesus teaches the importance of love and loving thy neighbors, understanding our differences. Finally, we are all gods children, and we should love respect and accept diversity.

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