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Op-Ed:The effects of gay parenting on the child  

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte November 4, 2015
In the decision by the United States Supreme Court last June that states that marriage is a fundamental human right. The decision meant that a family with same sex parents will not be look down by the government. It also meant that gay people will have a good family life, so what are the effects if any: positive or negative to their children. 

In the history of studying this subject from the 1980’s till this day, there have been three stages of studies. In the 1980’s, the impacts are negative, they said that gay people adopting children will lead to all of the societal ills. To the 90’s where in the scientific community is divided. To today that they are in perfect agreement, that the modern family is good for children. 

In a consolidation analysis done by Northwestern University that states that gay parents are no more loving and caring than a traditional family. Furthermore the researchers say that there are some advantages to LGBT parenting like empathy for others because of the prejudices towards them. And the rejections of gender norms, because in a same sex household there is no man and woman, there are only parents.

According to the same study kids that are raise by lesbians did the best on all this test, empathy, higher grades in school and more. The theory is that two woman raising children are better because women are more caring and loving, and that lesbians are more likely to not cheat on their spouses. We all know that kids do well if the parents stay together.

Lastly, it is not about the plumbing but the love that they have for their kids. The love that a parents have for their son or daughter is unconditional. Finally 99 percent of gay people need to plan to have children, either thru adoption or thru IVF so as a result they will love and cherish the kids that they have

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